best beginner road bike under 500

​Cycling has many benefits, it’s always fun and it keeps your body health as it is involved in exercising and it is a means of agile and economic locomotion.

Because of these motives, and especially for those who want to try road biking for the first time, let’s dive into the search for the cheaper and best beginner road bike under 500 dollars.

Finding the best road bike for beginners could appear difficult because today all types of bicycles are being produced in a way that all innovations seem to be a must-have.

However, it is true that to make the best decision on which bike you should take, you should put much consideration on several elements. 

Best Beginner Road Bike Under 500 Dollars:

Quick Comparison Table

Brand/ Model




​Poseidon / ‘TRITON’ Road Bike

  • ​Aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork

​Motobecane / Mirage S Road Bike

  • ​Very light wheels
  • ​Made it for beginners

​Bavel / Lightweight Road Bike Aluminum Frame

  • ​Disc breaks for safer use on the road

​​Eurobike / 16 Speed Road Bike Light Aluminum Frame

  • ​Disc brakes
  • ​Great looking bike
  • ​Available in red, blue and white color

​​Panther / Light Aluminum Frame Road Bike Shimano 14 Speed

  • ​Alloy rims for all-weather performance
  • Classic fenders keep rider dry
  • Padded saddle seat

​Beginner road bikes are not much expensive but they should not be compromised at cost of quality.

First thing first, road bike prices tend to vary from one supplier to another.

There is no fixed price of a bike.

​The Best Entry Level Road Bike Under 500: Reviews & Buying Guide

​​Road bikes are specialized and designed in a way that it can only be ridden on the tarmacked roads.

A best entry level road bike can seem expensive but there are quite cheaper and pocket-friendly alternatives.

Furthermore, most people have a thought that a road bike is meant for just rides during the summer or maybe getting you to shopping centers.

It is not only that way, but road bikes are meant also and above all for body fitness.

The road bikes reviewed in this article have great features despite being cheap.

They are made by the most famous and popular suppliers.

1. ​Poseidon TRITON Road Bike

​Poseidon Triton road bike has some of the best features you could be looking for.

It has been designed to give the rider a very comfortable position, because of its upright seating position.

With a lightweight aluminum frame, it is a high-quality bike for a rider.

  • ​Equipped with the best gearing combo that will enable you to get up on the steep climbs.
  • ​Made in aluminum in combination with a smooth weld frame. This material gives the bike an ultra lightweight, combined with the carbon fork.
  • ​The dual brake calipers ensure your safety. It is easier to stop, whether you are riding on a hilly environment or if you have to make a sharp stop.
  • ​The bike is equipped with speed shifters of Claris 8 STI. This will ensure a smooth and easier shifting of speed using the gears.
  • ​Fast and easier to assemble. Simple transpotable.
  • ​Lightweight bike.
  • ​High-quality frame and fork.
  • ​Smooth speed shifting. 
  • ​The bike chains must be well adjusted or it could make a rattling noise once you try to cycle faster. 

2. ​Motobecane Mirage S Aluminum 14 Speed Shimano Road Bike

​​This is one of the best starter road bike under 500 which is available at cheap prices.

It is made in a way that it ensures comfortability of the rider.

As if that is not enough it is sold with a warranty in case any problems occur.

  • ​Alloy stem together with a perfect seat post
  • ​It is delivered assembled partially in a factory box
  • ​Kinesis aluminum frame whit a carbon fiber fork
  • ​Very light wheels
  • ​It is a lightweight bike from the materials used to make it
  • ​Made it for beginners
  • ​It has both male and female’s standard frames
  • ​Cheaper as compared to the others
  • ​This road bike has small frames

​3. ​Bavel Lightweight Road Bike Aluminum Frame

This bike has an aluminum alloy frame and is easy to assemble.

When bought, it is 90% pre-assembled, just requiring a light touch of assembling to start pedaling with your new wheel.

  • ​Ultra-light aluminum has been used to make frame and fork​
  • ​Disc breaks for safer use on the road
  • ​Available in two colors (black & blue – white & blue)
  • ​High quality at a lower price road bike
  • ​Adjustable seat with a favorable frame height
  • ​Wheels are made to last longer
  • ​It shifts speed easily and quickly
  • The rear brakes need tightening quite often
  • The pedals are made from plastic which is not a durable material

​4. ​Eurobike 16 Speed Road Bike Light Aluminum Frame

​This entry-level Eurobike 16 speed weighs a total of about 36 pounds.

The bike is delivered pre-assembled: the pedals, front wheel, seat, and handlers are the parts you are required to assemble.

This is easier, especially when assembling pedals because they are labeled, left side and right side.

It is 1630 mm length, with a rear height of 760 mm minimum and 1020 mm maximum, front height of 940 mm, wheel height of 680 mm and finally the middle length is of 540 mm.

  • ​It’s available in red, blue and white color
  • ​It has been equipped with dual aluminum caliper brakes that ensures that you cycle in a safe and secure way
  • ​Shifting gears work great
  • ​It is always sold with warranty, that increases the confidence of a rider who knows that they are covered in case of anything
  • ​Adjustable seat
  • ​Cheap when compared with some of the other road bikes
  • A beginner rider can understand to use it easily as it has defined specifications
  • It has high-quality parts
  • This bike has a really amazing appearance and shape
  • It has disc brakes which makes it easier for a rider to stop
  • ​It can be ridden by riders of a maximum weight of 220lbs. anything above that can cause harm

5. ​Panther Light Aluminum Frame Road Bike Shimano 14 Speed

​The Panther road bike is actually the best because of its very unique style, different from the other bicycles.

It has a very light frame made from aluminum and steel.

  • ​Pedals are very functional
  • ​Caliper brakes ensure quick stop
  • ​It has stiff pedals which are workable in all weather conditions, be it wet or dry weather seasons. The pedals also are made from metals thus making them durable and not easily wear out
  • ​It has a low and light frame which is easy to approach
  • ​Affordable in terms of prices
  • ​No cons

Best Beginners Bike Brands

​The manufacturers of Poseidon triton road bike are situated in La Habra, California.

They gave the name because Triton was the son of Poseidon who had the ability to calm and raise the waves.

The manufactures made a calm and comfortable adjustable bike and give it the name. 

Motobecane USA is a manufacturer by kinesis Industry Company limited.

Kinesis Company, based on Taiwan, has been known for long to be producing the best bicycles.

The company was founded in 1989 and sells its own brand of bicycles and accessories.


This brand of bike has been manufactured by BAVEL ultra-light aluminum.

The company produces quite a number of Bavel lightweight brakes.


The manufactures of this brand china euro bike manufacturers.

They have been specialized in this product for more than 7 years.

Panther Cycles.

Specialized in road, triathlon and mountain bike, they recommend the right bike for your particular need.

What To Put Into Consideration When Start Riding A Road Bike

  • ​What to eat before a ride. Having a good meal before a ride is always recommended because what you eat is responsible for your activation. Carbohydrates and proteins that generate energy in the body are recommended. Eat well two to three hours before you start to ride.
  • ​What to eat during a ride. When you are on a bike ride you need to eat meals that are capable of boosting your energy. Again, carbohydrates are best when riding because they ensure that you are supplied with energy. You should avoid caffeine related drink during a ride.
  • ​What to wear for a bike ride. You need to dress properly when you are setting off to ride. Ensure that you put on knickers, leg warmers, and bike tights. When riding in cold weather or temperatures it is advisable to put on bike tights that cover the knees.
  • ​The best helmet for biking. Helmets are meant to increase your safety and ensure that your head doesn’t get hurt in case of falls. Ensure that you get a lightweight helmet which does not make your head bulky. A good biking helmet should be well cushioned with a soft material in the inside to ensure that you feel comfortable and finally ensure that the helmet fits your head properly.


Which is the best type of bike to ride?

When you are choosing the best type of bike you have to consider some factors such as the place you opt to do the riding, the things you would like to ride with, the characteristics of the bike you would like to ride among other personal preferences.

If you are intending to ride on roads get to buy a bike that is meant and designed to be ridden on the smooth roads.

There are many types of bike available according to the activity you intend to engage in.

There is a type of bike which has been designed for casual riding in all conditions that is the hybrid bike.

It has excellent features and fit any place.

How many gears should a bike have?

The number of gears depend on one’s likes and interested, you can decide to have only one gear that will enable you to move fast comfortably without much effort and you can as well have as many as 22 gears.

A bike should have at least three gears to avoid unnecessary defaults and failures.

In case one gear fails the other takes over.

Which is the best height for a bike saddle?

Saddles determine comfortability and effectiveness on how you ride.

The best height that will ensure proper riding is the height that ensures your leg does not get bent when standing on the lower pedal.

If it happens that the leg doesn’t extend properly then you need to do adjustment of your seat.

Saddle height is always measured starting from the middle bracket to the lowest point of the top of your bike saddle.

Which is the best type of brake systems?

The type of brake systems depend on the kind of ride you are taking.

Disc brakes are the best brake systems for a bike; in case you want to stop they are easier to use and they respond easily in a faster way.

Rim brake system is also preferable because at a times they act as the disc brakes.

What are clipless pedals?

​The clipless pedal is a system of which contains special pedals and cleats.

It has been incorporated with devices that tend to attach on the soles of the clipless shoes.

They are meant to aid one when you want to stop the bike and get down from it.

It is not necessarily important for every person to have clipless pedals.

How to choose handlebar width?

​Many bike riders forget considering the width of handlebars when buying bikes.

Larger riders require wider handlebars whereas smaller riders require narrow handlebars.

When choosing a handlebar also consider the purpose you are going to rid for.

Narrow bars always put the rider in a forward leaning position, this makes it able for the rider to spin efficiently but their stability when going downhill will not be much effective, wider handlebars offers the best leverage offer the bike when climbing in a slow manner.

Are suspensions necessary for a bike?

​Suspensions are necessary for a bike.

Either front shocks suspensions or full suspensions especially if you are planning to ride on mountains.

Front suspensions act as the defense against getting damages on the trail in case the bike hits something.

They aid in control maintenance.

They also ensure that everything stays on track by absorbing the energy exchange that helps the wheel of your bike.

Full suspension improves the control of the bike when going down or climbing the mountain.

It ensures that you go down faster with controllable speed.

Conclusion & Best Offer

​Getting the best entry level road bike for beginners is easier and can be cheap.

Ensure that you get a bike after appropriate reading and obtaining sufficient information.

A lightweight bike is always recommendable for both beginners and even the expert ones.

Best Offer

​As per the features listed above, Panther Light Aluminum Frame Road Bike Shimano 14 Speed appears to be the best beginner road bike under 500.


Motobecane Mirage S Aluminum Frame Carbon Fork 14 Speed

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