best bike for 60 year old man

Being sixty years old today means being as active as a forty or fifty year old. In fact, the market, nowadays, is full of sellers claiming to have the best bike for 60 year old man.

All of them are created to make your life funnier by providing you with the option of staying more active and enjoying your time outdoors, without having to worry about physical issues or body pains.

Best Bike For 60 Year Old Man – Quick Comparison Table

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Best Bike For Over 60 Year Old Man: Reviews & Buying Guide 

Since there are plenty of options available in the market, which may confuse you as the buyer, we have shortlisted the best five options:

1. Roadmaster 26″ Men’s Granite Peak Men’s Bike


If you are tight on the budget but require a good quality bike, the 26″ Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain bike is the answer to your prayers. Not only is it relatively cheap but also, it ensures the experience of a smooth journey for senior citizens.  

This mountain bike features sturdy handlebars and frame made of steel. It weighs 38.6 lbs with 26 wheels as well as padded seats. It also features a 3-piece crank, providing a wide range of gears, SRAM drive twist shifters for smooth change of gears, as well as a suspension fork as smooth as silk.

All of these specifications and features make this mountain bike ideal for cruising around, in the smooth streets of your house as well as any rough or unpaved terrain.


  • It is quite an affordable mountain bike with enhanced endurance due to the solid frame. It proves a comfortable ride even at rough roads. Also, it is incredibly easy to assemble.


  • The seat is considered uncomfortable, especially for long-distance rides, and the gears require regular adjustments.

2. Fito Anti-Rust and Light Weight Aluminum Frame Modena


Are you looking for a bike that is comfortable as well as smooth in its drive? With its lightweight body and wide tires providing easy balance, Fito Modena makes a perfect choice for old aged people.  

Fito Modena is as has a lightweight body and anti-rust aluminum alloy frame. The handlebar rims and stems are made of alloy. It has 26 diameter high profile tires.

It comes with 80% assembly, and you will need the help of a professional for the rest of the assemblage. You just have to install the front wheel, front fork, handlebar, seat, and pedals. The maximum weight it can carry according to the company description is 200lbs. The maximum pressure the tires can take is 40psi.


  • Smooth cruiser style seat, wide tires, and rustproof.  


  • Weight limitation of 200 lb, which is slightly less than the other bikes offer
  • Help of a professional to assemble the parts

3. Mongoose 29″ XR-PRO Men’s Mountain Bike


XR-PRO by Mongoose is yet another mountain bike which provides high quality at an average price. Conquering all bumps with its 29 wheels, this mountain bike ensures the ultimate biking experience at even the roughest possible trail. 

Other than the 29 wheels, specifications include full alloy trims, Promax disc brakes at rear and front, aluminum frame, SR Suntour crankcase, and suspension fork. SRAM SX4 trigger shifters, 680 mm wide bars, and a very common set of paddles.

All these specifications and a few others help XR-PRO provide the features of a smooth and comfortable ride, with a gearing system that provides 24 different speeds, as well as reduced weight of the bike.


  • The bike features high-quality components which make it lightweight but sturdy
  • It has wide bars allowing bigger riders to ride it comfortably
  • Components offers you the freedom to upgrade your bike to your taste whenever you want


  • It has flimsy brakes which become inefficient over time 
  • Poor rear suspension 
  • Despite being a mountain bike, its tires wear off easily by riding off-road

Video: Are You Too Old To Mountain Bike?

4. Micargi Pantera 7-Speed 26″ Beach Cruiser Bike


Do you fancy slim and sleek body of bikes? Do you like them in blue? Well, who doesn’t love blue! If that’s the case, then this Micargi Pantera 7-Speed 26 for men with its 18.5 classic frame and matching color front and rear fenders to give it a fascinating look is all that you are looking. 

It has a 26steel frame wheel with Shimano gear. It has front and rear handbrakes for secure handling and secure grip on the road. A high-density foam cruiser saddle ensures your comfort while you ride.

This beach cruiser perfectly suits your needs if you are residing in a hilly area where you need a good grip on the road as well as desire a fancy ride. The maximum weight it can handle is 220lbs, and it is perfect for men around 5.2 to 6 feet in height. 

You may have to assemble some parts of the bike yourself, including the handlebar, fenders, pedals, front wheels, and seat. The brakes, derailleurs, and wheels may also require adjustment after assembly if you are not familiar with the assemblage of the parts you might have to seek professional help.


  • Heavy build with Sleek and versatile body


  • Professional help will be required to assemble the parts

5. Biria Commuter Bicycle 8-Speed Shimano Altus


Are you a fan of classic vintage style? Biria City Bike 700c is your perfect retro bike and a reminder of the good old times. This retro style, aesthetically pleasing commuter bike is ideal to meet your daily needs.  

Hi-ten durable steel frame, Shimano gears, front and rear aluminum brakes, aluminum rims upright handlebars and 700c x 28 tires are some of the main features of this budget-friendly European style bike.

The matching color of the front and rear racks, fender, and chain guard gives it a promising look. The bell and the kickstand are the bonus features to meet your satisfaction.


  • The well-built heavy body of Biria Citibike ensures its durability for long term use


  • Heavy to carry around

Exercise Biking For Seniors 

Whatever age you have, training is never a simple option. Rather, it is a necessity. Safe exercise needs to become a part of your routine if you wish to remain healthy.

Several kinds of stationary exercise bikes can prove to help provide a comfortable workout space for anyone who doesn’t like cycling outdoor. For senior citizens, however, recumbent bikes are the best of all such options.  

Upright exercise bikes require you to pedal downwards, exerting a lot of force on your lower body. Using these, you are prone to falling off or getting your legs injured because standing on one pedal and then swinging the other leg to reach the other pedal could be dangerous for aged people. They also have quite a complicated process for seat adjustment. 

Therefore, recumbent exercise bikes are usually suggested for people of old age who want to lose weight or work out their way to a healthy heart. The primary feature of this bike that distinguishes it from other stationary exercise bikes is that its seat has a back that can be reclined, allowing you to sit comfortably.

recumbent exercise bikes

Among several other benefits of a recumbent bike, an important one is that while sitting in a reclined position, your legs have a relatively less vertical angle. This way, it goes a bit easy on the joints. Since paddles are placed at the front instead of the bottom, impact on ankles, feet, and knees is reduced. Seat adjustment is also extremely simple, unlike the hassle that comes with an upright bike. Basically, they are the safest option for the elderly to attain their physical goals.

Safety Accessories

It is challenging for aging bodies to involve in physical activities and stay active. One of the healthiest exercises is cycling as it is an excellent aerobic exercise that you can easily carry out with friends and family.

Bicycling is a safe activity as long as you take the precautionary measures to avoid any accidents while on the road. Before getting on your bike, you need to know that your bike is well adjusted and ready for use.

Apart from that, you need to use a few accessories to avoid accidents.  

bicycle helmet

  • Helmets are a must. You need to wear a helmet. There is no excuse for using helmets while you are on a road ride. No matter if the distance you are traveling is less or if the roads are not too complicated.
  • Front and rear lights are critical for you to be seen by others. In the case of low lights or fog or even rain, they are your best friends.  
  • Reflective clothing is another essential accessory that you need to wear to become visible during the night time or even in low lights. Precaution goes both ways no matter how carefully you are riding there is always a chance that you get hit by someone not because of your fault but because the other person was not able to see you correctly. They say better safe than sorry. So reflective clothing would help you make visible to all.  
  • A bell is another crucial gadget that you need to carry while you ride. The bell takes a little space but can provide you from big hassle and unwanted accidents. You can always use your bell to warn and advise pedestrians or the animals in the surrounding of your presence. There is a variety of bells available at the market of which you can choose that better suits your needs. It is cheap and is always better than screaming and shouting at people on the streets, right?
  • Bicycle mirror, kneepads, hand gloves are other accessories that are optional but best if used for more protection.      

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Bike For Seniors

Being young at heart is good, but you cannot ignore the physical limitations that increase in age brings along with it. Trying to remain active through bike riding is a great idea. However, instead of focusing on speed, your primary concern must be the comfort level provided by the bike.

Following are a few factors that you need to keep in mind when you’re making the best bicycle for older man: 

Frame Design

The design of the frame is the first thing that a 60-year-old should consider when purchasing a bike. Different models have different levels of complexities for getting on and off the bike. Bikes having a tube of the frame at a relatively lower height are a good idea for those who have not been cycling for a long time. 


The simple rules for a handlebar, when choosing for a senior citizen, are that it should be adjustable so that riding position can be altered for comfort, and that it should be soft on the hand, providing a comfortable grip for even long-distance rides. 

Riding Position

Since focusing on speed or performance of a bike is not a good idea for you, the question that arises is that what should you be looking for? The answer is quite simple. You should be looking for bikes that are just easy to ride and experts very little stress on your lower back by allowing for an upright riding position. 


One of the most crucial components for a 60-year-old is the seat of a bike, which determines, to a great extent, whether or not a bike is comfortable. Generally, bikes having seats that are padded with foam or gel will prove to be the most comfortable ones. 


Last, but not the least, an important factor is the suspension of a bike, which determines the smoothness of your ride. Suspension can be equipped in the fork, absorbing the road’s impact directly, or it may be arranged at the seat post. However, the best bike for you would be the one in which suspension is equipped at both these places.   


Is cycling good for the elderly?Staying active is vital at any age. Many choose low-impact exercises like jogging or just walking. Cycling is a physical activity to recommend, even if it is a little more challenging.Which is the easiest type of bicycle to ride?Mountain bikes are perhaps challenging, but they have a comfortable ride, an upright riding position and can tackle a wide variety of surfaces.What kind of bike is recommended for a senior citizen?The best bike is the one that allows you to stand upright, which is excellent for your back. Another important accessory is a comfortable padded saddle.Are exercise bikes useful for exercise?The exercise bike can be an excellent source of exercise and help burn calories and fat.What to choose between exercise bikes and treadmills?The treadmill helps you burn more calories because walking or running is an exercise that involves the weight of your body. The exercise bike is less difficult but is more relaxing for the mind.

Conclusion & Best Offer

Of all these given options, the best one, in my opinion, is the Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain Bike. The very first reason for suggesting this bike is simply that it’s for outdoors. An old soul requires just as much recreation as a young one does.

It may have a few drawbacks such as the uncomfortable seat and brakes that need frequent adjustments, but these features can be upgraded for a minimal price, making the bike still quite inexpensive overall.   

However, the reason for suggesting this particular bike as the best choice is that it offers plenty of features and an ultimate smooth ride at a price that is extremely affordable.

The Alternative

If for any reason, you disapprove of the bike that has been suggested as the best option, the alternative that would be recommended is the Micargi Pantera 7-speed 26 for men.

Micargi Pantera 7-Speed 26″ Beach Cruiser Bike

The heavy build with sleek and versatile body give it aesthetics you will fall in love. It may be challenging to assemble but will definitely provide you with a strong grip on the road.

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