best bike for a 2-year-old

Buying your 2-year-old a bike marks a significant milestone in its live since it is the first one. You’re introducing them to a piece of equipment that not only provides tons of entertainment but also teaches them a skill that they’ll apply for a lifetime.

For these reasons, you should invest in the best bike for a 2-year-old. But with dozens of toddler bikes on the market, it can be challenging to figure out which one is suitable for your child. We’ve researched and narrowed down your options to 5 top-rated bikes for young riders.

Quick Comparison: Best Bike for 2-Year-Olds




1. Huffy 12″ MotoX Boys Bike

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2. Joystar Pluto Kids Bike with Training Wheels

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3. FirstBIKE Balance Bike with Brake

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4. RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle Bicycle

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5. Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike

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How Do I Teach My 2-Year-Old to Ride a Bike?

Training your child to cycle is a thrilling, but also challenging experience. Here are a few pointers that can help:

Introduce Your Child To a Bike

The ideal place to start is by introducing the concept of a bike and how it works.

Now, for a 2-year-old, you don’t need to go into too much detail.

Since they’ve not gotten the hang of concentration, introduce them to the simplest things. For instance, you can point at the saddle and explain that is where they’ll sit.

Demonstrate the Action of Pedaling

Kids retain information better when it’s explained to them through visuals. Thus, the easiest way to teach them how the pedals work is through illustration.

To achieve this, place your hand or foot on the pedal, and spin it. Point out that the wheels move parallel to the movement of the pedals. For a more hands-on learning session, invite your toddler to rotate the pedals. This will help them get a feel of how a bicycle works.

Train Your Child How to Pedal

Have your toddler sit on a chair that is about the same height as the bike’s saddle. Next, sit across from them and ask them to place their feet on your palms. Move their feet, alternating upward and downward to mimic the act of pedaling on a bike.

Illustrate by Pedaling on Your Bike

Another way to teach your toddler how to cycle is to illustrate using your own bike. Sit on the saddle and pedal slowly, allowing your child ample time to observe how the pedals work.

Alternatively, you can take your little one to a park. This way, they can observe how other kids ride their bikes. Observing his/her peers not only piques their interest, but it also helps them learn the process of pedaling.

Adjust the Bike

Assuming that you’ve purchased a bike suitable for your child’s height and age, the next step is to make the necessary adjustments.

Ensure they’re sitting comfortably in the saddle and can easily reach the handlebars. In the case of a balance bike, their feet should be able to touch the ground to provide stopping power. Also, train them to wear a helmet before they head out.

Help Your Child Practice Pedaling

With the bike well configured, the only thing left is to teach them how to ride. Since it is too early to learn to balance, it is important to use the training wheels.

Next, pick a level, grassy surface where they can practice to cycle. As they pedal, gently hold their torso or shoulders to offer support.

Many parents make the mistake of holding onto the handlebars. But doing so prevents your child from being in control of their ride. Keeping their shoulders paves the way for your child to observe how the bike reacts as they pedal.

Best Bike for a 2-Year-Old: Top 5 Reviewed

The best bike for a 2-year-old should be suitable for their age and height. Furthermore, it should have an ergonomic design to provide comfort and be fitted with safety features. The following bikes check these boxes:

1. Huffy 12″ MotoX Boys Bike


The 12-inch MotoX by Huffy comes highly recommended as it strikes a great balance between pricing and features.

The first thing you’ll notice about this toddler bike is its stylish design. Since it’s designed for the male gender, it has some really cool racing graphics that are sure to amuse your little one.

But more importantly, it sports an ultra-durable build thanks to the steel frame. It’s also backed by a lifetime warranty, meaning the manufacturer has total confidence in the bike’s performance and longevity.

The MotoX boasts an ergonomic design that’s ideal for your 2-year-old. For one, the quick-release seat adapter has an adjustment knob for easy configuration. Two, the seat is fully padded to provide comfort as your child pedals.

Although the bike is recommended for kids between 3 and 5, its selection of kid-friendly features makes it suitable for 2-year-olds. They only need to be between 37 and 42 inches tall so they can reach the handlebars comfortably.

Features and Specifications

  • Stylish racing graphics
  • Steel frame build
  • Ergonomic seat
  • Recommended height: 37 – 42 inches


  • Quick-release seat adapter allows for easy height adjustments
  • Fully-padded seat for comfort
  • Steel frame for durability
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Racing graphics give the bike a stylish look


  • The pedals are a little stiff

Video: How to Assemble a Kid Bike – Huffy Moto X

2. Joystar Pluto Kids Bike with Training Wheels


Is your angel eager to learn how to ride a bike? If so, the Joystar Pluto Bike equipped with training wheels is a good place to start.

The Kids Bike comes in a bold red color, along with a set of stable training wheels. For a 2-year-old rider, these training wheels are a welcome feature. They make it easier for your child to learn how to pedal.

Better yet, this bike has a foot brake. This way, your child can use it to stop before they get acquainted with using handbrakes.

The quick-release seat lever is an excellent addition to this bike. Incorporated to facilitate seamless height adjustment, this enables you to configure the bike to your child’s height and size.

The bike is equipped with a fully enclosed chain guard, for the protection of fingers and clothes.

Your toddler will also be impressed with the DIY decal that comes with this bike. This allows them to add their name to the bike frame for optimal personalization.

Features and Specifications

  • Training wheels
  • Foot brake and seat lever
  • Safe chain guard
  • DIY decal


  • Foot brake ideal for younger riders
  • Comes in three vibrant colors
  • Training wheels for easier learning
  • Includes a fun do-it-yourself decal
  • Partially pre-assembled


  • The quality of the training wheels can be improved

Video: How to Assemble Joystar Kids Bike with Training Wheels

3. FirstBike Limited Bike with Brake


FirstBike Limited Bike is designed with your toddler’s safety in mind. Every element is ingeniously made to ensure your child has a smooth and fun learning experience.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that this bike has a u-shaped saddle. The purpose of this is to prevent your child from sliding off the seat unintentionally.

Limited comes equipped with a composite frame. Unlike stainless steel, the composite material makes this bike lighter, hence easier to handle for a 2-year-old. This frame is also sturdy and provides superb shock absorption.

If you’re reluctant to purchase the composite-framed bike, you can rest easy knowing that it’s backed by an extended warranty. FirstBike offers lifetime coverage on the frame and fork, and 5-year coverage on all the other parts.

When it comes to safety, the manufacturer has ensured that there aren’t any sharp edges or extruding screws that could injure your young rider. What’s more, the bike includes reflective stickers to improve cyclist’s visibility when they’re riding through dimly-lit conditions.

Features and Specifications

  • U-shaped saddle
  • Composite frame
  • Rear brake
  • The saddle seat designed to avoid slipping away
  • The handlebar that does not rotate completely helps to keep the direction
  • No sharp edges or protruding screws
  • Reflective stickers for visibility


  • Clipless on one side and flat on the other
  • Highly versatile
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Budget-friendly
  • Impressive strength


  • Very heavy
  • The edges can be smoother

Video: FirstBike Balance Bike – See the Difference

4. RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle Bicycle


Want the freedom to choose from a wide range of colors for your kid’s bike? Look no further than the RoyalBaby Freestyle Bicycle that comes in 6 different colors.

A key highlight of this bike is that it grows with your baby. This is made possible by the unique ergonomic seat, whose height can easily be adjusted to meet your child’s needs.

The Freestyle Bicycle also boasts a shorter grip length. This enables your toddler to hold onto the handlebar tightly whenever they want to stop.

The bicycle also includes a rear coaster brake in case your child hasn’t learned how to manipulate the handlebar to gain stopping power. Since the foot brake requires less coordination, it’s perfect for a 2-year-old who is just starting to learn how to ride.

The RoyalBaby Freestyle Bicycle is fitted with a set of training wheels. This set of wheels sport an exceptional triangular structure and broader stance. As a result, they provide greater stability and also enhance the rider’s safety.

Features and Specifications

  • Scalable design
  • Rear coaster brake
  • Training wheels


  • Simple to assemble
  • Wider tires for improved stability
  • Includes both front caliper and rear coaster brakes
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Non-slip pedals


  • Quality of the pedals can be improved

Video: How to Assemble Royalbaby Kids Bike

5. Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike


If you’re not looking to spend much on your toddler’s first bike, the Retrospec Cub is a pretty good option. This balance bike comes at a price that is hard to beat.

Despite its affordable pricing, the Cub has many of the features you’d expect to find in a kid’s balance bike. For one, it sports a durable build that consists of a high-tensile strength steel frame and fork. The steel material makes these parts virtually indestructible.

Furthermore, the frame is ingeniously-designed for a 2-year-old. Not only is it a step-through or open frame, but it’s also low to the ground. Both of these aspects make it easy for your child to get on and off.

Also important to note is that the bike has been tested and found to conform to safety standards. While you should still provide adult supervision, you’re assured that the manufacturer has done everything on his part to enhance the rider’s safety.

Features and Specifications

  • Steel frame
  • Step-through design
  • Safety features


  • Step-through frame for easy entry and exit
  • Affordable
  • Meets CPSC standards for the child’s safety
  • Durable fork and frame
  • Maintenance-free


  • The footrest is too big; hence, it can affect your child’s stride

Video: Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike

How to Choose: Tricycle, Balance Bike or Training Wheels?

We often hear people debating between a tricycle, a balance bike, and training wheels. So, what are the differences between these bikes?

What Is a Tricycle?

As implied in its name, a tricycle is a three-wheeled bicycle. It’s also popularly known as a trike and comes in a wide range of designs and sizes. This makes it suitable for kids of varying ages. In fact, kids as young as 12 months can start learning how to pedal a trike.

A key benefit of a tricycle is the fact that it prepares your child for learning how to ride the more complex two-wheeled bicycle.

What Is a Balance Bike?

Again, it’s all in the name. This bike is designed specifically to help your child learn the art of balancing. Usually, balance bikes don’t have pedals or drivetrains. Some are also designed without any braking systems.

The concept behind this design is to train your child to use their feet to propel themselves. A balance bike also teaches your child vital steering skills as it gives them complete control of the handlebars.

What Are Training Wheels?

Like learning to walk, some kids have difficulty learning how to pedal. For such, experts recommend bikes equipped with training wheels.

Put simply, these are additional wheels installed to the rear wheels of a bike. They’re meant to help your child stay upright as they pedal.

In summary, a bike with training wheels is the best option for a 2-year-old. At such a tender age, your tot has not mastered the art of balancing, and this is something the training wheels can help with.

That said, some children learn pretty fast. If you assess your child’s skills and conclude that they don’t need the training wheels, you can buy them a balance bike or trike instead.


Can 2-year-olds ride a bike?Some children can start pedaling on a tricycle from children aged 1 to 3 years. Once he learned to pedal, he could move on to the next phase, ride a bike with only two wheels (with the help of training wheels).When is a toddler ready for a bicycle?As soon as children learn to take their first steps and have moderate motor skills, generally around 18 months, they can start on a balance bike. Balance bikes are ideal for the little ones because they represent the intermediate tool before learning how to ride a bicycle.

​How long does it take for a child to outgrow their first bike?

Most children outgrow their bikes within 1 to 2 years. However, this does not mean that you should pick a bike that’s too big for them. Buying an ill-fitting bike makes it difficult to learn how to pedal. Can children learn how to use hand brakes?

Yes, most kids take to this braking mechanism quite naturally. But if your 2-year-old is having difficulty using hand brakes, you can always train them on how to use foot brakes first. Wait until they’re a little older to teach them how to use hand brakes.

Conclusion and Best Offer

The best bicycle for 2-year-old is the RoyalBaby Kids Freestyle Bicycle, which comes with a set of training wheels. It also has a sturdy steel frame for optimal durability and 2.4-inch wide tires to provide ample stability.

Best Offer

The only drawback is the poor construction of the bike’s pedals; they tend to loosen after a while, but they are easily replaceable.

The Alternative

If the RoyalBaby Freestyle Bicycle isn’t good enough, Pluto Kids Bike by Joystar is an excellent alternative. The fork and frame are made of premium steel to enhance durability. 

Joystar Pluto Kids Bike with Training Wheels

Plus, it comes with training wheels and a fun DIY decal that your child can use to customize the bike. 

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