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Whether you are women or men, adult or elderly, children, tall, short, overweight or underweight, there is a bike for everyone. And finding the best bike for a 3 year old boy or girl can be one of the most familiar episodes in a parent’s life.

Even watching them grow is an emotional episode.

One day they are tiny toddlers crawling on the floor with all their cute illegible words, and the next thing you know, they are all grown up about to enter into the world as a confident young human being.

Quick Comparison: Best Bicycle for a 3 Year Old




1. Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike No Pedal Bicycle

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2. Huffy 12″ Marvel Spider-Man Boys Bike

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3. Huffy 12″ Disney Pixar Finding Dory Bike with Training Wheels & Basket

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4. Huffy Disney Minnie 12” Girls’ EZ Build Pink Bike

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5. Huffy 12″ Disney Pixar Cars Boys’ Bike

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The First Ride

Anyone who has been a parent would vouch for the importance of

teaching basic skills to your children as one of the most critical episodes of nurturing a child.

This includes the simple act of teaching your child how to ride their first bicycle.

While it may sound like a rather simple thing, it is a skill that teaches them proper mental and physical focus and utilizes an adequate balance of the body to work as a single unit.

Today we give a comprehensive guide to finding the best first bicycle for 3 year old.

From these various factors, we have listed out our picks of the best kids bikes that are available in the market right now:

Best Bikes For A 3 Year Old (Boy Or Girl): Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike No Pedal Bicycle


The bike is a spectacular balance bicycle designed for boys and girls who are starting to learn how to ride a bike.

It helps to build confidence among children while emphasizing safety with a frame that ensures that the child’s foot is closer to the ground.

It is built with a safe design that requires minimal maintenance that reduces any chances of injury, and focuses on improved balance during the kid’s developmental stages.


One of its most positive features is that it is built with flexibility for children between the ages of 2 to 5 years to ensure they can use it for years as they grow up.

  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Seat and Handlebar can be adjusted very easily
  • Available in 17 different colors
  • Steering can be a little stiff
  • Plastic tires instead o rubber ones

Video: Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike

2. Huffy 12″ Marvel Spider-Man Boys Bike


Designed for children between the ages of 3 and 5, the striking red and blue color of the bike makes it one of the most visually appealing bicycles out there.

This bike’s durable design comes with training wheels and a padded seat that ensure that the child has a safe and comfortable bicycling experience.

The coaster brakes added to the bike ensure that the child has sufficient braking power to stop the bike, building confidence for starters.

The handlebars also feature hooks for attaching toys to make them appealing among kids. 

  • Adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Aesthetic design for kids
  • Coaster brakes 
  • The aesthetic details may break.

Video: Huffy 12″ Marvel Spider-Man Boys Bike Review

3. Huffy 12″ Disney Pixar Finding Dory Bike with Training Wheels & Basket


This HuffyBike is designed for 3-5-year-old kids based on the theme of the famous movie Finding Dory.

It comes with 12-inch sidewalk tires and a padded seat, making it a comfortable ride for kids.The bike also features training wheels for children who are learning to ride a bicycle.

The durable steel frame and aesthetic design make it an excellent choice for young children, especially those learning to ride one.

  • Adjustable Seat
  • Aesthetic Design
  • Durable frame

Video: 5-Step Assembly – How to Assemble a Huffy Kids Bike with Training Wheels

4. Huffy Disney Minnie 12” Girls’ EZ Build Pink Bike


This bike has also been designed to cater to children between the age of 3-5 years.Designed with Minnie Mouse’s theme, it features a polka dot finish and a puch on the handlebar to make it appealing to its audience.The bike also comes with removable training wheels and a single gear wheel train that offers the child to learn useful balancing and peddling works quickly.They shaped a durable steel frame, and the coaster brakes are one of its breakout features.

  • Adjustable Seat
  • Durable Frame
  • Coaster Brakes
  • Aesthetic Design 

Video: Huffy 12 inch Disney Minnie Girls Bike, Pink

5. Huffy 12″ Disney Pixar Cars Boys’ Bike

Specially designed for children of age 3-5 years-old, the flaming red finish is one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs out there that would make this a favorite among the kids.

It comes with a sturdy Y-shaped frame made of durable steel featuring padded seats and is rounded off with coaster brakes and training wheels to make it a comfortable experience for your little one.

  • Adjustable Seat
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Sturdy Design
  • Coaster Brakes
  • Cool Design

Video: Huffy 12″ Disney Pixar Cars Bike Review

Toddler Bike For 3 Year Old: Best Brands

Retrospec Bikes

Retrospec is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to kid’s balancing bicycles.

With over some bikes that seek to help the young ones one of the essential skills of life, they try to produce one of the most durable and comfortable bikes available in the market.


HuffyBikes is a brand that has been associated with producing bikes that seek to appeal to the young ones.

Their bike feature a durable steel and coaster brakes which help in providing the exact amount of safety and comfort that a child needs while learning to ride a bicycle. Kazam Bikes

Kazam balance bikes specialize in building pedal less balancing bicycles.

Being lightweight, they follow the philosophy of allowing the kid to transition towards riding a two-wheeler smoothly. Raleigh Bikes

Raleigh bikes believe in the philosophy of allowing their bikes to grow along with their kid riders.

They thus design their bikes with the idea that its various parts can be easily removed and modified to ensure that the child can utilize it as he grows.

They feature lightweight alloys in their bikes that are tested rigorously to provide the highest levels of safety to their users.

What Should I Be Looking For When Buying A Toddler Bike For 3 Year Old?

1. Frame Size and Weight

A good rule of thumb is to get a bike with a suitably sized frame to let the child’s leg slightly touch the ground while riding.

Not only are smaller bikes easier to balance, but they are also lighter.

A lighter bike is more comfortable for a little kid to adjust while riding without risking a loss of balance and thus cause any injury.

2. Frame Style

While the child is still learning how to ride, a good recommendation would be to get them a conventional bicycle.

They happen to be more stable than an off-road bicycle though a little heavier.

Once the children have mastered their bike and become a little older, they could be allowed to progress to off-road bicycles to let them have more fun.

3. Frame Construction

Getting a bike having a handset with ball bearings is alwaysadvisable for a kid.

They enable the handlebar to turn quickly.

Also, the Handgrips must have bulb-ended grips to prevent slipping of the hands.

4. Quality

As with any product, quality is essential.Getting a good quality bike would ensure that the kid has minimal trouble while learning how to ride it.

Ensure that the brakes are of high quality, especially if the child loves to roam around.

Also, the levers need to be adequately designed to ensure that the child does not apply excessive force to come to a safe stop.

5. Compatibility with car bike rack

A smaller bike will be easier to transport around in a car if it involves carrying it to a significantly distant place.

Also, specific bikes are specially designed to be easily transported in a car rack.

In this case, it is better to invest in such a bike as it would save a lot of effort to carry them around once the child is done with them for the day.

6. Training Wheels

If the child displays immense keenness to progress to a bicycle without training wheels, it is possible to bypass the training wheels.

You could use a balance bike instead of a classic bicycle.This could be done by taking off the pedals and simply lowering the seat.Adjust the seat height so that the child’s feet can reach the floor, raising it as they grow over the years.

How Old To Ride A Bike With And Without Training Wheels?

One of the most important questions that matters the most is todecide when is the right time for a child to learn to ride a bike.Most kids may want to learn to ride a bicycle due to many reasons.

Some may want to learn to ride it after seeing the fun that other children in their neighborhood have while riding them.Others may even consider it an essential goal for them to reach.Also, development skills play a significant role when itcomes to determining the right time.

With all these factors in mind, many studies have shown that an ideal time to teach the child to ride a bicycle is between the age of 3 to 7.

With an age of around 7-9 being a perfect time for them to try without training wheels, it is accompanied by a sufficient amount of mental and physical development to understand the rhythm involved in the action.

How To Teach A Child To Ride A Bike With Training Wheels?

The first step towards teaching any kid how to ride their first bike is to let them begin on a bicycle or a tricycle with a training wheel.

This is a systematic step that requires lots of patience and is most probably going to involve a lot of frustration on the child’s part.

Emphasize Safety

Before the child learns how to ride a bike, it is essential to emphasize safety.

Teach the child about the requirement of wearing a proper helmet.

Find the best paths

Ensure that the path where the child practices are devoid of any traffic to prevent any untoward circumstances.Also, make the child wears bright colors to ensure easy detection.

Riding with pedals

Begin by allowing the child to work on the pedals and get used to riding the bicycle.Once they have gotten used to it, teach them how to turn.

Teach them how to use brakes

This is an important skill.

Teach them how to use the brakes properly while riding. 


Decide if the child is ready to go without training wheels.

How To Teach Your Child To Ride Without Training Wheels?

Once the child has had a sufficient amount of experience withthe training wheels, it is now time to move forward to the next step.

Move away from these training wheels.

This is a crucial step that needs to be carried out in phases.

1. Prepare them for it

Make sure that the child is ready to give it a try.

If the child is not comfortable, their fear may not let them learn to get the balance.

Once the child is ready, move forward with the exercise.

2. Get a suitable bike

Start with a bike that is suitable for the child’s size.

A reasonable estimate is to get a bike that allows the child’s legs to at least reach the ground.

Also, a smaller bike is closer to the ground, making it easier for them to control the bicycle.

3. Remove the pedals

The next step is to remove the pedals on the bicycle.

Do not worry; they would be reattached later.

4. Find a gentle hill

This phase is a crucial step in the process.

During this step, you would be teaching your child how to balance without pedaling for power.

Ensure the hill doesn’t have too much of a gradient to ensure that the bike doesn’t speed up too much.

5. Speed up

Continue the previous step but a little faster each time your child feels more comfortable with balancing their bike.

6. Progress to turning

Once the child has mastered balancing the bike, teaching them how to turn while the pedals still off would make it easier to turn with the pedals later on.

7. Let the pedals return

Once the child has mastered how to balance aspect at various speeds, it’s time to bring those pedals back for them complete learning this skill. 

8. Continue on the hill

Now let the kid ride on the hill, this time with their perfect balancing skills, and watch them have fun.

Other Important Factors To Consider

1. Safety

Safety is the most crucial element that has to be emphasized when a child begins learning how to ride a bike.

The child should be taught the importance of the various safety equipment.

Also, they need to be educated about areas where it wouldn’t be advisable to take their bike, such as a busy road, to prevent them from facing any injuries.

2. Brakes

The brakes attached to the bike must be of excellent quality to ensure that he/she can effectively stop the bike when required.

This ability is especially important for children who love to explore. Bike brakes are generally various types.

Typically, pad rim brakes are lighter and stop the bike satisfactorily.

But, even if the disc brakes are more massive, they can control the cycles easily and with less force.

Thus a good idea would have disc brakes on the front wheel and rim brakes on the back wheel.

3. Weight

Usually, it is advised that the lighter the bike is, the better it is for the kid.

Scientifically balancing a bike involves a lot of manipulation with the center of gravity of the bike, which becomes significantly harder as the weight increases.

Imagine a four-year-old kid struggling to balance a bike that weighs nearly 15% of his body weight.

Also, as stated earlier, a heavier bike will be a pain when it comes to carrying it back home.

4. Gears

Unless a child is significantly old enough to venture into using a bike to explore on their own, it isn’t advisable to get a gear bicycle.

While they are more comfortable to ride, especially over steep gradients, geared bikes tend to be a little more expensive and are more complicated to understand for a three-year-old kid.

5. Saddle

Ensure that the bike seat is comfortable and at a suitable height to prevent your child from losing control of the bike.

Ensure the height is sufficient so that your child can reach the floor.

6. Training wheels or not

While training wheels are the norm while starting, it is possible to bypass the training wheels.

You could instead use a balance bike instead of a bicycle.

This step allows the child to progress faster through it’s risky starting with them at a young age.

Conclusion & Best Offer

While all these bikes are sure to please the kids with their aesthetic design, from a technical point of view, with a look at safety and comfort,

the Huffy 12″ Marvel Spider-Man Boys Bike above edges past to emerge as a better choice when considering the best first bike for 3 year old boys.

The bike comes with a durable steel design and coaster brakes which offers suitable comfort and good steerability to ensure the child has a comfortable learning experience

Best Offer

.While the presence of training wheels may be an issue if the emphasis is on a balance bike, they are easily removable to convert them into one without much difficulty in balancing.Add the eye-catching Spider-Man theme design to it, and there is a tempting offer.

The Alternative

Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike No Pedal Bicycle

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