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What are the best bike trails in Ohio? The state of Ohio is one of those locations that are perfect for the ever-growing bicyclist community. There are some spectacular trails with varying levels of obstacles, and they will elevate your skills if you ride through them.

This article tries to compile the best biking trails available in Ohio for you and your mountain bike to visit if you ever find yourself in Ohio. 

Avid bicyclists will agree these trails are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to biking trails in this state.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a family-friendly ride, a rolling dirt trail, an intermediate tracks for building your skill, or an obstacle-filled trail for an advanced rider, this list covers at least all aspects of bike trail riding.

Best Bike Trails in Ohio

Heritage Bike Trail

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Located in Findlay, Ohio, the Heritage Bike Trail stretches just slightly over seventeen miles of varied trail. It has all the surfaces you can find at a bicycle trail ranging from asphalt, dirt, and gravel, wood chips, and grass. This trail follows the course of the Blanchard River, offering riders beautiful and scenic views of the natural wetlands and woodlands. The open space gives the ride clarity of mind and relaxation like no other. The trail also links up to several parks, business areas, neighborhoods, historic sites, and recreational areas.

Unfortunately, this trail is not suitable for children or beginners since it weaves along the roadside, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy it. Beginners and children are advised to have an advanced rider accompany them.

Vultures Knob Trail

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Found in Wooster town, Ohio, Vulture’s Knob is known for being the oldest owned trail that is also available for use by the public. It is a trail that is 10 miles in a big land that is about 126 acres. This land is along river Killbuck that adds to the beauty of this trail.

Vulture’s Knob offers cyclists what they deserve, entertainment that will bring them back to those old school paths incorporated with the latest features and designs that are fascinating. The trails here feature some of the most challenging singletracks, and one of the unique humans made designs in the state.

Over the years, this trail has hosted a few mountain bike races and biker riding competitions that are diverse races like the Xterra, twenty hours ride, and those for adventures.

The facilities here are open 365 days a year for free riding, and the park is funded through donations and volunteer memberships.

Beach Ridge Bike Trail

Video: The Beach Ridge Singletrack Bike Trail at Oak Openings Preserve

This trail is situated in Swanton, Ohio, in Oak Openings Preserve. It is a 12-mile long trail system, with bridges and boardwalks made from wood to make the riding experience of this trail truly one of a kind.

These trails are designed to suit families or beginners, and you need to have this great experience and let that adrenaline rush out this is the place. This is the ideal trail system for one to practice and improve their riding skills.

Most of the bike trails offered in this park are easy to navigate, with a couple of optional features on the trails that you can decide on. With this trail, you are safe, and you can practice as much as you can. It is one trail that, as a family, you can enjoy your riding skills.

The shorter path, 5 miles ride, will give the riders a good view of the park, and they will enjoy all the beautiful scenery ridding in this trail. As described above, when here you will cycle in using a clockwise path, but this occasionally changes depending on the day of the week. Therefore, while on-site, check what direction is there so that you decide if you can manage it.

Royal View Mountain Bike Trail

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The Royal View Trail is a 9-mile long course that is located in the town of Strongsville, Ohio. It is one of the most visited recreational spots in the region. 

The trail consists of two options, which are the Red Trail offering some of the most challenging slopes and ravines with pristine river views through a lovely pine forest, and the Yellow Trail, friendlier in terms of difficulty. 

Bicyclists who choose the Royal View Trail experience gentle climbs and beautiful scenery of a nearby creek.

The park is open every day of the week. Some restrictions in the trail include no biking after one-half hour after sunset or one-half hour before sunrise or when the trail is closed for the winter.

This is a great place to practice and enjoy the scenery of this great town. You can start with the Yellow Trail then go to the Red one when you have gained some confidence as the latter is more complicated and need preparation.


As mentioned earlier, these are only a portion of what Ohio holds when it comes to mountain bike trails.

There are quite several hidden gems, and the adventure lies in discovering where they are.

Taking a bike vacation to the state to experience all the glory it as to offer on the trailside is the best way to rule out dud trails and get the best one for your biking need.

One of the most recommended and best trails on this list, though, happens to be the Beach Ridge Bike Trail. This is mostly due to its variability in pathways and will suit any rider from beginners, children to the most advanced bicyclists.

Whatever the location and the track, this is not a recreational activity but also something that can improve your cardio as you are doing exercise while enjoying it. Also, they offer time to bond with family, and you free yourself the stresses about life.

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