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Electric bikes guarantee a comfortable ride where you reach your destination without feeling extremely tired, and the best ebike conversion kit will allow you to transform your standard bicycle into an electric one.

Powered rides are comfortable, sweat-free, and fast, so they’re quite desirable by lots of hobbyists and commuters. However, investing in a new e-bike might be out of your budget, but you don’t have to completely give up your dream.

In this article, we’ll discuss different types of conversion kits, and help you choose the right one. Keep on reading to add a little zest to your standard bike.

Quick Comparison: Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit




1. Bafang BBS02B 48V 750W Mid Drive Ebike Conversion Kit

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2. JAXPETY 48V 1000W Front/Rear 26″ Wheel Ebike Conversion Kit

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3. eBikeling 48V 1500W Rear Drive Ebike Conversion Kit

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4. Bafang 36V 48V 500W Rear Wheel Ebike Conversion Kit

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5. eBikeling 36V 500W Front Or Rear Ebike Conversion Kit

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Conversion Kit Comparison: Front-Wheel, Rear-Wheel, and Mid-Drive Motor

Adding an electric motor to your traditional bike will give it more power and speed.

Bicycles have been around for decades, and the new electrified models add more range, so they’re suitable for lots of riders.

There are several e-bike designs and systems available on the market. These systems refer to the location of the motor and determine what it can do.

Understanding the features of each type will allow you to pick the most suitable one.


This is the most straightforward e-bike conversion kit design, but it’s also the one with the most limitations.

Throttle operated e-bikes move forward without any additional pedaling or extra effort from the rider, and this is where you’re likely to find the front-wheel system.

However, due to that particular feature, front-wheel systems and throttle-type bikes are not legal in European Union countries, where the e-bike should provide power only when the pedals are moving. As a result, you might find that front-wheel systems are more available in other parts of the world like the US.

Nevertheless, there are several front-wheel models that would allow the bike to move forward, only when the rider is using the pedals.

Theses kits are quite affordable, so they’re more suitable for occasional riders. Moreover, they’re easy to install so that anyone can add one to their existing standard bike.

However, these e-bike systems have several drawbacks, especially with traction, because most of the bike’s weight is not balanced.

Cornering and accelerating can be a little tricky when you have a front-wheel system. This is why people who buy these kits will not be particularly interested in going at full speed.


Pedelec or pedal-assist e-bikes are likely to have a rear-wheel system. These bikes will move forward when the rider pedals, but the motor will increase the power and give the bike more energy to go faster. The engine pushes the rear wheel to run faster, decreasing the effort of the cyclist’s muscles.

As a result, most riders favored rear-wheel systems as they decrease the effort and strain, without affecting the overall experience of riding a bike. Even in higher gears, the rider can go pretty fast without exerting much effort.

Pedal-assist e-bikes have settings to control the speed, but in the US and EU, the government’s maximum speed is set, so riders can still ride in traditional bike lanes without needing an extra license.

Rear-wheel motors can also be found on throttle-type e-bikes, and you might even be able to switch between both systems on the same e-bike.

Nevertheless, more experienced riders might feel that the bike is less balanced, as the rear-wheel system will add more weight to the rear wheel than the front one.


This conversion system will keep your e-bike balanced on all roads because it’s attached to the middle of the frame, without adding unbalanced weight to the front or back.

The system is then integrated with the crank and bottom bracket, giving the rider more control on steep and more challenging roads.

Mid-drive systems are not installed on throttle-type e-bikes, so they will always be found on a pedal-assist model. Since the motor is located in the center, it will give the e-bike more torque than an engine located on the front or rear wheel. Moreover, the weight is distributed evenly, which provides the rider with more control over the direction and speed of the e-bike, especially on more challenging trails.

The motor in this system will be attached to the crank and not the wheels. As a result, it will allow the rider to take better advantage of the range of gears on the e-bike.

The mid-drive motor will have a torque sensor that calculates the power provided by pedaling and transforms it into power supplied by the motor to make the ride smoother, less tiring, and more fluid, regardless of the condition of the trail.

Best Ebike Conversion Kit: Reviews and Buying Guide

If you’re considering transforming your traditional bike into an electric one, you should think about the following conversion kits. Check out our top picks.

1. Bafang BBS02B 48V 750W Mid Drive Ebike Conversion Kit


This mid-drive kit is the most suitable one for newbies and hobbyists because it can be installed in a few minutes by removing the center shaft and the crankset.

It comes with all the necessary tools that allow for a fast and successful transformation. Switching between having a traditional and e-bike has never been easier.

Thanks to the throttle, you can enjoy the best of both worlds so you can commute comfortably in heavy traffic, or switch for some physical exercise when you’re in the mood for it.

Enjoying your ride has never been easier because this kit comes with a color LCD display, in addition to several gifts like the 68-73 mm installing extra parts and a set of headlights.

It comes with brake levers, in case you want to keep your hydraulic brakes, in addition to the chaining wheel.

The LCD shows you several pieces of information so that you can customize your ride more effectively. These include the speed, battery level, and you can also pick the convenient pedal assist level.

Thanks to the motor, you’ll choose the most suitable gear that suits the road you’re traveling, depending on how challenging it is.

The weight of this kit will be evenly distributed, so you can use your e-bike conveniently without feeling dragged. All the mounting accessories are included with the package. You’ll also receive a detailed manual and a video that will walk you through the installation process for faster and better results.

A 48V battery can power this motor. Nevertheless, you can pump it up with a higher battery for better performance.

It’s compatible with all types of mountain and road bikes. However, it’s recommended that you don’t install this kit to a bike with a carbon fiber frame or on a fat tire bike. It doesn’t come with a gear sensor that detects the motor’s power, which can lead to excessive wear.

This kit is only compatible with 68mm and 73mm bottom bracket bikes, like most bikes except fat bikes and cruiser bikes. It is necessary to measure the size of the bottom bracket of your bike before the purchase.

The Bafang BBS02B kit has three different tooth sizes sprocket options: 44T, 48T and 52T.

  1. 44 tooth sprocket. This is the smallest option that will provide the most torque (best for hill-climbing)
  2. 48 tooth sprocket. It is the reliable middle option
  3. 52 tooth sprocket. This option will provide the highest top speed (about 30mph). It is the best recommended for street riding.

Features and Specifications

  • Bafang 48V 750W mid-drive motor (version B)
  • Throttle and pedal assist mode
  • Color LCD Display (speed, time, battery status, pedal assist power)
  • Ebrake handle levers or ebrake sensors
  • Left thumb throttle
  • Speed sensor and spoke magnet
  • Chain ring and cover
  • After-sales support
  • Weight: motor 9.5 lb; whole kit: 13 lb
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Compatible with most types of mountain and road bikes
  • Easy to install kit with all the necessary features
  • Installation tools and video included
  • Fast switch between a traditional and e-bike
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Balanced weight
  • The package includes several gifts


  • The gear sensor isn’t included, which can lead to excessive wear of the motor
  • Not compatible with fat tire and carbon-frame bikes.

Video: Bafang BBS02B Mid-Drive Motor Installation

2. JAXPETY 48V 1000W Front/Rear 26″ Wheel Ebike Conversion Kit


With the power of the brushless motor, this kit is the right choice for all riders who want to enjoy their bikes a little bit more without exerting much physical effort.

The kit is made of aluminum alloy material, which is one of the sturdiest alloys available. At the same time, it’s lightweight, so it won’t add much weight to your bike, allowing you to go at full speed without putting much strain on the motor.

The same alloy is used in the controller of this kit, guaranteeing a high current supply for the conversion process for better responsiveness when you’re on the road.

The 48V 1000W gearless and brushless motor has been adjusted to abide by the road rules, reaching a maximum speed of 19.88 miles/hour, so you can enjoy your safe ride without getting into any legal issues.

This is a versatile kit that you can install on the front or rear wheel with no issues. For easier installation, you might want to pick the front wheel, but it will show better results if you install it to the rear one.

Unlike other motors, this one features rare-earth magnets for seamless performance in all conditions. The crank speed allows you to pick the most suitable level of pedal assist, so you can have more control over how your e-bike functions. The kit arrives with stainless steel spoke, nylon tires, and alloy rims.

There’s no LCD display, but the twist throttle will show you the battery level, and available power, and it features a red button for power on and off.

Some customers report that the user manual is a bit confusing, and the pictures shown are quite small.

Features and Specifications

  • Jaxpety 48V 1000W brushless motor
  • 26” front wheel with tire
  • 48V controller
  • 2 brake pullers
  • 1 twist throttle
  • Basic kit for front or rear installation
  • Made of durable aluminum alloy
  • Adjusted to meet the laws
  • Wheel weight: 16.5 lb
  • Warranty: Contact the seller


  • Easy installation (front wheel)
  • Lightweight kit for more balance
  • Improved performance of the motor
  • Crank speed controller for maximum convenience


  • The installation instructions are confusing
  • No LCD display

Video: Front Hub VS Rear Hub eBike Motor

3. eBikeling 48V 1500W Rear Drive Ebike Conversion Kit


If this is the first time you convert a traditional bike into an electric one, then you should definitely take a look at this kit.

Everything you’ll need to complete the installation process already comes with the package, so it’s an excellent choice for first-timers and hobbyists.

Featuring an already-attached motor and the aluminum double-walled rim, all you need is to transfer the original tire, and your e-bike will be ready to go.

The kit comes with some necessary accessories that will help you enjoy your ride to the maximum. These include the LCD display, the brake levers, throttle, torque arm, headlight switch, and pedal-assist sensor.

The pedal assist sensor allows you to customize your ride along the road, as you can switch between having a trouble-free ride and a physical exercise whenever you like.

There are two throttle controls to choose from; twist or thumb, guaranteeing that you’ll have maximum control over your e-bike.

You can either use a 48V or a 52V battery. The higher one will give you more power if you’re interested in a speedy ride. Nevertheless, the top speed will also be determined by the size of your wheels.

A mountain bike with fat tires will definitely be slower than a road bike with skinny tires that might go up to 30 miles per hour. You should check the laws before installing the battery and taking your e-bike on the road to ensure that you’re not breaking any.

The only problem you might face with this kit is during assembly. It doesn’t come with written instructions, and although it’s meant for newbies, you might need help to put it together, or you’ll have to spend some time to make sure that everything is where it’s supposed to be.

Features and Specifications

  • 48V 1500W direct drive brushless hub motor
  • 35A controller
  • Aluminum double walled rim with attached hub motor
  • Twist or thumb throttle control
  • LED or LCD display
  • Pedal assist sensor
  • Two brake levers with safety switches
  • Torque arm
  • Waterproof kit
  • Battery: NOT included
  • Motor wheel weight: 15.3lb
  • Warranty: 3 months


  • Kit designed for first-timers and hobbyists
  • Two different throttle options to choose from
  • Works on all kinds of bikesIt can go pretty fast compared to other motors
  • Pedal-assist for more control and convenience


  • Installing this kit will take time because there are no written instructions

Video: eBikeling Rear Direct Drive Conversion Kit Installation Part I

4. Bafang 36V 48V 500W Rear Wheel Ebike Conversion Kit


This is one of the most versatile kits that you can use to convert any traditional bike, regardless of its size, into an electric model. The kit is compatible with 20, 24, 26, 27.5, and 29-inch wheels, so it’s an excellent choice for all riders. Just grab one, and you’ll be soon enjoying your ride on an e-bike.

The motor is designed to fit on the rear wheel, so it won’t affect your bike’s balance on the road.

Moreover, the kit comes with two controls; the cruise function and torque sensor. The cruise function will allow you to pick the right speed depending on the condition of the road, while the torque sensor will reduce the pressure on the motor to protect it from excessive wear, guaranteeing that it will last for a long time.

Everything related to your ride will be displayed on the LCD display. This includes the time already traveled on a single trip, the battery capacity, available battery life, the status of backlights and headlights, and the environment temperature. You’ll also receive a pair of brake levers.

Combining the pedal assist sensor and the torque sensor means that only the needed power will be transferred to the motor, depending on the road’s condition and preferences. You can choose to exert less effort if you’re stuck in heavy traffic or give your bike a little push if you want to work out.

In both cases, the e-bike won’t disappoint you. It’s recommended that you check the laws to make sure that you’re not breaking any before taking it to the maximum limit.

A 36V or 48V battery is needed to power this kit. This means that you might not have enough power to drive a heavy mountain bike with fat tires into full speed.

Nevertheless, this kit is still an excellent choice because it’s easy to install and use.

Features and Specifications

  • Bafang 48V 500W rear-drive motor
  • Controller
  • 5-PAS Display
  • Half-bar throttle with electric lock
  • Brake levers
  • Torque sensor
  • Weight: n/a
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Versatile rear wheel conversion kit
  • It comes with multiple accessories
  • The torque sensor is designed to reduce the pressure on the motor
  • Works on different sizes and frames of bikes
  • LCD display shows lots of data related to your ride
  • Can go at a decent speed
  • Pedal-assist and torque sensors work together to give you more control over the ride


  • The motor isn’t as powerful as other models

Video: Bafang 48V 500W Rear Geared Hub

5. eBikeling 36V 500W 26″ Front Or Rear Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit


This conversion kit is specially made for riders who own a 26-inch bike. You can easily transform your traditional bicycle into an e-bike as this kit arrives with everything you’ll need for the transformation process.

In the end, you’ll have a versatile e-bike that you can pump up or down, depending on your preferences.

The motor comes already attached, and you’ll receive the aluminum double-walled rim, so you can quickly change any 26-inch bike into an electric model.

Compared to other motors, this one might not be that powerful as it uses a 36V battery to operate. Nevertheless, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as many riders want an e-bike that won’t take them over the edge, to make sure that they’re complying with the laws.

With the LCD display upgrade, you can have a clear idea of all the data related to your ride, including the distance traveled, battery life left, and overall battery capacity. Moreover, the display shows potential error codes for fast troubleshooting when there’s something wrong with your e-bike.

You can activate the pedal assistant switch to pedal less or more according to your needs. This way, you can enjoy long trips while avoiding uncomfortable wrist positions and excessive effort. The torque arm will control the amount of power transferred to the motor to decrease the risk of excessive wear.

Installing a battery with a higher voltage can cause the motor to overheat, so it’s not recommended. This kit will only work if you have a 26-inch bike, so you’ll need to look for another model if your bike is smaller or bigger.

Features and Specifications

  • 36V 500W brushless motor
  • 22A controller
  • Front or rear wheel bike with necessary accessories
  • Twist or thumb throttle control
  • Pedal-assist and torque arm
  • Two brake levers with safety switches
  • LCD display to show trip-related data
  • Waterproof kit
  • Battery: NOT included
  • Motor Wheel Weight: 7.4lb
  • Warranty: 3 months


  • Perfect for a 26-inch bike with adjustments
  • Easy installation
  • Controlled speed
  • Pedal-assist option to help you customize your ride


  • Not suitable for any other size of bikes
  • The motor can’t be pumped with a higher-voltage battery if you want to go faster

Video: eBikeling Conversion Kit Installation

Factor To Consider When Buying an e-Bike Conversion Kit

Buying a conversion kit should be done after careful research because your safety is on the stake. Here are a few things to think about.


A durable kit will last for long and will guarantee the best ride on your e-bike. You should make sure that your kit is made of high-quality materials for a safe ride on all terrains by reading all the specifications provided by the manufacturer and customer reviews who bought the kit.

Motor Power

The motor power is measured in watts, and a higher rating means that you can push the motor a little further without the risk of overheating. However, you should study the laws in your area to ensure that you’re not exceeding the maximum speed.

Battery Versatility

Having a motor that can be powered by two types of batteries is a big plus. This will give you more control over the power provided to the engine and the overall speed. Moreover, this will be highly appreciated in case your battery gets damaged because you can find an easy alternative.


Your kit should come with everything you need to finish the assembly process. Having detailed instructions is definitely a big plus.


Is it possible to use the bike only by pedaling after installing the kit?Yes, you can exclude the engine to use the bike by pedaling. Everything works as before, although the new wheel adds extra weight.When using the supplied brakes, does the motor cut off?Yes. The brakes include a switch that turns off the engine.Do the conversion kits have regenerative braking?It depends on the model. It is necessary to read the specifications.Is the front hub motor kit compatible with disc brakes?Yes, they are usually compatible.How long does charging take?Depending on the battery, charging times are four to six hours. ​It also depends on how low the battery is and the type of charger.Can lights be connected?Yes.

Conclusion and Best Offer

After researching several options on the market, we chose the Bafang 8fun 48V 500W Front Wheel Hub Assembly Motor Kit as our top choice. It’s made of durable aluminum and can be easily used to transform your traditional bike into an e-bike in no time. 

The pedal sensor will study the power delivered when you pedal and transform only the needed power to the motor to protect it from wear. It’s designed to reach a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour, so the 500W motor isn’t as fast as other models on the market.

Best Offer

It’s suitable for touring, commuter, and mounting bikes, so it’s an excellent choice for any rider who wants to enjoy their bike without exerting much effort.

The Alternative

If you’re looking for another good alternative to consider, we recommend that you take a look at the eBikeling 36V 500W 26″ Front Or Rear Ebike Conversion Kit. 

eBikeling 36V 500W 26″ Front Or Rear Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit

This is an affordable kit that comes with all the necessary accessories for installation. It’s quite versatile as you can install it to the front or rear wheel, depending on your preferences.

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