best electric bike for heavy riders

In this article, we’ll be discussing the best electric bikes for heavy riders, including full reviews and specifications! We’ve also included a handy guide for buying your perfect electric bike.

Electric bikes have changed the way people ride their commutes. They’re hygienic, eco-friendly, and a great alternative to taking crowded transportation. The fact that it’s a healthy alternative from motorbikes is definitely a plus, too!

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Quick Comparison: Best Ebike for Heavy Riders




1. Rambo R750 26 Pursuit Electric (Load Capacity: 300 lb)


2. QuietKat Apex Electric Hunting Bike (Load Capacity: 325 lb)

quietkat apex electric hunting bike

3. Jeep E-Bike Powered By QUIETKAT

jeep e bike powered by quietkat

4. BAKCOU Storm Electric Bike (Load Capacity: 300 lb)

backcountry ebikes storm

5. BAKCOU Flatlander Electric Bike (Load Capacity: 300 lb)

bakcou flatlander electric hunting bike

6. QuietKat Warrior Electric Bike (Load Capacity: 325 lb)

quietkat warrior electric hunting bike

Electric Bike Classes 

There are three basic classes or types of electric bikes found in the United States. These are as follows:

Class 1 Electric Bikes:

Has a maximum speed of 20mph

Only comes with a pedal-assist motor and often doesn’t come with a throttle

Motors are often no bigger than 250w

No need for a driver’s license; doesn’t have an age limit.

Helmet is necessary, but not mandatory

Class 2 Electric Bikes:

Has a maximum speed of 20mph

Comes with both pedal-assist modes and thumb throttle function

Motors are often no bigger than 750w

No need for a driver’s license; doesn’t have an age limit

Helmet is mandatory

Class 3 Electric Bikes:

Has a maximum speed of 20mph

Functions on Pedal-assist may or may not have a throttle

Motors are above 750w

No need for a driver’s license, but you need to be 17+ to ride

Helmet is mandatory

Best Electric Bike for Heavy Riders: Take Your Ride to the Next Level

The best kinds of eBikes are those with great climbing efficiency, powerful motors, and steady controls. 

We’ve cherry-picked the best electric bikes found in the market today that comes with all of these features.

1. Rambo R750 26 Pursuit Electric (Load Capacity: 300 lb)



Designed for the harshest outdoor conditions, the Rambo R750 26 Pursuit Electric is sleek, reliable, and built with only the most premium components.

This bike comes with a Pedal Assist Systems (PAS) of five levels, a thumb throttle for those who want to go pedal-free, and a rustproof aluminum frame.

Powered by its 750W DC motor, this bike is ideal for outdoorsmen who fancy hunting, trekking cross-country, fishing, and ranching.

Its premium LG 48V 10.4 ah battery pack easily outlasts most other models of its kind, especially with its long-range capacity of 19 miles.

Another great feature is its 3-speed internal gear.

This gear operates at quieter levels, which is very handy if you’re stalking a game or just simply want to ride around while maintaining the environment’s peace. This dramatically differs from the traditional noisy derailleur found in a lot of electric bikes.

The Bafang C956 screen shows minimal glare when displaying information, and this electric bike’s handlebars come with ergonomic grips for increased stability and wrist comfort while riding.

All in all, it’s a pretty solid electric bike. Good job, Rambo!

Features and Specifications

  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy 6061 
  • Motor: Bafang 750W BBS02 High Torque 
  • Battery: LG 48V 10.4AH 
  • Fork: Aluminum 26″ x 4″ Tapered Rigid fork, 26T read cassette
  • Hub: SF-A214F front hub, Sturmey Archer 3 Speed rear hub
  • Brakes: Logan HD-E500 2 Piston Hydraulic 180mm 
  • Rims: Double Wall W/O holes 80mm wide 
  • Range: 19 miles without pedaling
  • Weight: 63 lb


  • Offers good power and torque
  • The battery is neatly concealed within the frame, giving it a more premium look
  • Increasingly smooth operation
  • Silent and sturdy for outdoor use
  • Ergonomic grips provide better control and comfort
  • Wheels ride smoothly
  • Great value for money


  • Doesn’t come with fenders
  • Doesn’t handle mud very well

Video: Pursuit 750 26″ Electric Bike

2. QuietKat Apex Electric Hunting Bike (Load Capacity: 325 lb)

quietkat apex electric hunting bike


If you’re looking for a legitimate hunting tool, look no further than the Apex Electric Hunting Bike.

This bike is specifically designed to make your hunt quicker and easier. It handles terrain impressively well, whether it be steep hills, muddy trails, or rocky mountains.

A pair of 26in x 4.5in tires are included free with this model, allowing you to climb mountains without sacrificing a lot of power. Its 5 modes of assisted pedal power certainly help any difficult ascend or descend.

Furthermore, this bike is tremendously quiet. I suppose with a bike named QuietKat, we shouldn’t expect anything less.

On the topic of hunting, notice that this bike doesn’t stand out visually. This bike comes in two nature-friendly colors, Camo and Charcoal, which effectively blend into its surroundings. 

Plus, with a load capacity of 325 lb, this bike will carry your gear and come back home without breaking a sweat.

The Apex eBike bike is one of those few electric bikes that’s built to last. With its solid frame, stainless steel chains that will never rust, and its 48v/14.5ah Panasonic battery, this one’s sure to be by your side for many years to come.

Features and Specifications

  • Battery: 48v/14.5ah Panasonic 
  • Brake: Hydraulic Disc – 180mm rotor 
  • Fork: Mozo air suspension fork
  • Wheel size: 26″ x 4.5″ wheels
  • Gear: Sram 9-speed or single-speed drive gearing
  • PAS: 5-levels 
  • Weight: 80 lb


  • Comes in 3 Bafang BBSHD motor options
  • 1500w, 1000w and 750w
  • Rides through challenging riding conditions and bumpy terrains without a hassle
  • Durable solid steel bike
  • Rides silently
  • Top-notch internal components
  • Fat tires make for a smooth ride
  • Price is surprisingly affordable for a bike with this many features


  • Only comes in two frame options, so it may not be for every rider

Video: QuietKat 2020 Apex Overview

3. Jeep E-Bike Powered By QUIETKAT

jeep e bike powered by quietkat


Biktrix impresses with the Juggernaut Classic HD’s mid-drive motor. To let you know, mid-drive engines are much more efficient than hub drives motors because they can use the bike’s gears as transmission.

Speed down city streets, climb hills, charge through tough terrain and go adventuring with the aid of Juggernaut’s internal motors. Packed with a high-end removable lithium-ion 48V battery, this bike is certainly a rock-solid option for those who love to go adventuring.

Another great thing about this bike is that it’s built with a custom BBS02 motor, making it the first electric fat tire bike made with this BBS model. This means you get to have more ground clearance than any other bike with the same hardware.

It’s easily adjustable, as well; you can set assist levels between 1-5, whereas 1 gives you the least assist and 5 with the maximum assist and least range.

The LCD display of this eBike shows you all the relevant information you need to know while riding. This includes speed, battery life, odometer, range, and PAS, just to name a few. Its Integrated headlight is battery powered and is controlled by this pad as well.

Its loading capacity of 400lb is the highest on this list, which is undoubtedly a big plus.

Overall, this bike is a versatile, stealthy, and robust electric bike with high specifications that would make any eBike enthusiast admire it. 

Features and Specifications

  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum frame w/rack and Fenders 
  • Fork: Rigid 150mm with mounts 
  • Gear: Shimano Trigger 10 speed shifter rear, Shimano Deore 10 speed rear derailleur
  • Chainring: 170mm arms with 44t Steel Crankset
  • Brakes: Tektro E-350 dual-piston hydraulic 
  • Wheels: 26×4.8″ Veetire Snowshoe Xl
  • Rims: 26″- 80mm 36h, Black 27.5″- 35mm 36h


  • Has an excellent sensor
  • Mid-drive Bafang motor is doesn’t disappoint, especially when climbing steep hills
  • Shifts incredibly smoothly
  • Electric controls can easily be reached from your left hand, which makes it easy to keep your eyes on the road
  • The 11-32 teeth cassette and 42 chainring makes for high-speed gearing
  • Fat tires are excellent in gravel and loamy soil


  • Headlight here is fork mounted and could bounce up and down visibility when riding on bumpy terrain
  • Control center can’t be removed, which makes it susceptible to theft

Video: eBike Generation reviews the QuietKat Jeep eBike

4. BAKCOU Storm Electric Bike (Load Capacity: 300 lb)

backcountry ebikes storm


Another powerful eBike worthy of this list is the BAKCOU Storm Electric Hunting Bike.

This powerful machine features two Bafang Ultra mid-drive motors that allow you to cover an astounding distance of 40 miles with a single throttle, the highest mileage on this list.

With its long-lasting 48V battery, it’s not a surprise that it’s one of the best electric motors on the market.

Like the best of hunting bikes, the Storm Electric allows you to stalk game without alarming nearby animals. The motor is “as silent as a mouse”, one user had said, and gives you a greater chance in taking home your trophy animal.

Aided by a 26 inch by 4 inch Maxxis Minion wheelset, this eBike comes with a 9-speed gearing system that helps you power through mountainous areas with little to no difficulty.

A set of powerful hydraulic disc brakes allows you to stop instantly whenever you need to, so you don’t have to worry about sudden descends or sudden quick halts. With this eBike, hunting and tackling rough terrain has never been easier.

Features and Specifications 

  • Motor: Bafang Ultra M620 750W/1000w mid-drive motor w/integrated torque sensor
  • Battery: Extended distance 48v 17.4ah or 21ah lithium-ion 
  • Brakes: Powerful Tektro HD E750 quad piston hydraulic brakes, 203mm front & rear rotor
  • Fork: BCEB GT MRK 120mm AIR front fork & RockShox Monarch rear suspension
  • Frame: Aluminum alloy 6061 frame
  • Wheels: Maxxis Minion 26″ X 4.0 
  • Gear: Shimano Alivio Hill-Climbing 9 speed gearing, including 40t Front & Sunrace and an 11-42t Rear cassette


  • Robust, sturdy bike with premium components
  • High mileage of 40+ for longer rides
  • The wide, air-cushioned tires allow for a more comfortable off-road experience
  • Highly customizable with 2 power options, 750W and 1000W


  • Fairly expensive

Video: eBike Generation reviews the Bakcou Storm eBike

5. BAKCOU Flatlander Electric Bike (Load Capacity: 300 lb)

bakcou flatlander electric hunting bike


For a more affordable BAKCOU option by approximately half the price, the Flatlander Electric Hunting bike is a solid alternative without sacrificing too many features.

It has all the high-end components you’d expect from a BAKOU fat tire bike: bulletproof aluminum alloy frame, 750W motor, 48v 14.5ah battery power, and a range of  40+ miles.

Additionally, it comes with deep-cleated pedals that prevent the accumulation of mud and snow. Its wide pedal holes help grip your shoes while pedaling.

The computer-controlled traction system monitors wheel slippage carefully with the aid of Maxxis Minion fat-tires. This baby’s air-suspension forks handle the roughness of multiple terrains expertly and allow you to ride wherever you put your mind to with confidence.

This one’s definitely a bang for your buck. If you’re looking for an affordable eBike that covers a lot of ground, the Flatlander Electric Bike is for you.

Features and Specifications

  • Motor: Bafang 750W high torque.rear hub 
  • Battery: Extended Distance 48v 14.5ah, 17.4ah, or 21ah lithium-ion 
  • Rotor: 203mm Front & 180mm Rear rotor
  • Fork: BCEB GT MRK 100mm AIR Fork suspension
  • Wheels: Maxxis Minion 26″ X 4.0 
  • Gear: Shimano Alivio Hill-Climbing 9 speed gearing and a 40t Front 11x36t cassette


  • Rides smoothly
  • Ergonomic handlebars
  • Wide handlebars (740mm) provides greater stability
  • Solid rust-free aluminum alloy frame
  • Great price for all the features it offers


  • Doesn’t have a lower top tube for riders of short stature

Video: eBike Generation reviews the Bakcou Flatlander eBike

6. QuietKat Warrior Electric Bike (Load Capacity: 325 lb)

quietkat warrior electric hunting bike


This powerful machine was made to handle the roughest terrain to exist and glides through harsh environments effortlessly.

Designed for hunting, the company’s engineers put a lot of thought into making an electric bike that stands up to the hunt’s pressure, and boy did they succeed with flying colors.

With this bike’s spring coil hydraulic suspension, you can traverse steep inclines, rocky mountains, and slippery slopes without hesitation. It’s the “perfect hunting machine”, as many riders of the Warrior eBike claim.

The traction that comes from the Warrior’s 4.5 inch wide knobby tires allows for optimal control, even in the muddiest conditions. You’ll also be pleased to know that this bike comes with an 8-speed pedal and thumb throttle that allows for maximum benefit and distance.

The QuietKat Warrior is also known for its hauling capability. It can easily carry up to 325 pounds with an unassisted speed of up to 25 mph, for 18 miles!

This bike certainly offers fantastic value for money. It’s a great all-rounder eBike with high-end specifications.

Features and Specifications

  • Motor: Bafang BBSHD 1000w Mid-Drive 
  • Battery: 48v/11.6ah Panasonic 
  • Rotor: Mechanical Disc brakes with 180mm rotor
  • Fork: Spring coil hydraulic suspension fork
  • Wheels: 26″ x 4.5″ 
  • Gear: Shimano Altus 8-Speed gearing


  • Great price
  • Smooth gear systems
  • Durable construction with an anti-corrosive aluminum alloy frame
  • Easy to use digital display
  • Coating blends with natural surroundings, allowing you to track prey stealthily
  • Silent motors
  • Easily rides over rough terrain
  • Two motor options, 750W and 1000W
  • An excellent electric bike at a reasonable price for all the features it offers


  • At 79 lb, it’s heavier than the other bikes on this list
  • The bike’s build may not be suitable for those with shorter stature

Video: QuetKat Warrior

Other Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Bike

Buying a new electric bike is exciting, especially with all the amazing features it brings. But before you spend big money on a new electric bike, you need first closely to consider all the factors required when buying an eBike.


Electric bikes are designed with different purposes in mind. There are eBikes explicitly made for hunting, riding off-road, casual cruises, and commuters.

If you’re a heavy rider who climbs up mountains and is used to extreme descends, a mid-motor system or high torque hub is crucial.

Alternatively, if you’re a casual rider who loves spending hours just riding around time, select an eBike with a battery life of at least 400W.

Once you know what you do with your bike, the rest will fall right into place.

Range and Battery

Range refers to the distance an electronic bike can go on one charge of the battery.

Without power, an eBike is just a heavy bike. No one wants to run out of juice halfway up the trail and manually power through the ascend themselves. You also wouldn’t want your battery to die while carrying a 300-pound deer at the back of your eBike. It’s all about convenience.

You should always buy a bike with a higher range than you need to make sure it doesn’t lose its capacity even when the battery ages.

As for an eBike’s battery, it’s highly recommended to select one with at least 400W of power. The higher, the better!


One of the greatest things about eBikes is that it allows you to ride for long periods of time without tiring yourself out. It also lets you travel further with a lot less effort than standard bikes.

Without comfort, the purpose of eBikes is null. At the end of the day, comfort is a priority.

When choosing an electric bike, carefully select one that allows you to keep your posture upright for extended periods. Electric bikes with folding frames with comfort geometry are ideal, such as ergonomic grips, suspension seat posts, and cushioned saddles.

Comfort is often subjective, so you may not be 100% content with the saddle that comes with your eBike. Luckily, this can be rectified by purchasing a comfortable bike seat separately.


There are two main types of motors found in electronic bikes: the hub motor assist and the crank motor assist.

The difference between them is subtle but important. Hub motors tend to be silent and don’t particularly handle hills as crank motors do.

On the other hand, crank motors perform very well on steep hills but are often a little noisy.

While choosing your motor, make sure to purchase one made by a well-known motor company. Such examples are Shimano, Bosch, and Bafang.


Here’s a short faq section to help you learn a little more about eBikes.

What is the lifespan of an electric bike’s battery?

The battery lasts for a very, very long time before it loses its full capacity. Even then, it doesn’t really make that big of a difference.

Shimano, one of the biggest providers of electronic bike batteries, says that you can charge your battery over a thousand times without degrading its performance. Lithium-ion batteries are known to have the longest battery life cycle known in the market.

Is it advisable to travel using an e-bike?

Yes, but it depends on where you’re planning to go and how far your destination is.

The current longest range of eBikes can reach up to 400km in one charge, but a 3000W battery usually powers such eBikes.

Standard electric bikes of 400W-500W can ride up to 120km per charge.

Before deciding to travel using your electronic bike, don’t forget to check your range first. Some eBikes have removable batteries, too, so it’s recommended to carry a spare with you just in case your battery runs out of mileage in the middle of your trip.

Why choose an electric bike?

Electronic bikes are great for a lot of reasons! They make for an excellent helping hand, especially when you’re climbing hills, commuting long distances, and fighting headwinds. They provide that extra push, which makes you ride more effortlessly.

They’re also vastly versatile. They’ll let you travel for longer miles and help you carry bigger loads that you wouldn’t normally be able to with a conventional bike.

Plus, there are no special requirements needed when buying an electric bike. You don’t need license, registration, or insurance documents.

Best of all, there are no gas costs as batteries entirely power it. All you need is basic maintenance, and you’re ready to go.

Conclusion and Best Offer 

Choosing the best electric bike for heavy riders from the list above is difficult only because they’re all brilliant picks. Our personal favorite, however, would definitely be the QuietKat Warrior Electric Bike.

Best Offer

If you’re looking for the best all-around bike with great features, the Warrior will be your top pick! The fact that it’s affordable is certainly a huge plus. Although it’s on the heavier side, this machine’s motor makes up for it and gives you that extra boost while riding.

quietkat warrior electric hunting bike

The Alternative  

For an alternative option, do consider the Biktrix Juggernaut Classic HD! With its impressive motors, battery capacity, and mileage, this electric bike would take you to places you’ve never been with your bike.

Plus, its weight capacity of 325 pounds is huge. It’s definitely an advantage if you’re hauling heavy loads back and forth.

quietkat apex electric hunting bike

QuietKat Apex Electric Hunting Bike 

Although not as affordable as the QuietKat Warrior Electric Bike, its features are well worth another couple hundred bucks.

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