best mountain bikes under 300 dollars

You are looking for the best mountain bikes under 300 dollars, and you are probably exploring more than one website to evaluate the different options.By doing so, you are learning that while some low-cost bikes will immediately reveal their defects after purchase, others will live up to the more expensive models. Why? Because cheap does not always mean cheaply made.

Quick Comparison: Best Cheap Mountain Bike Under 300 Dollars

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Best Mountain Bike Under 300 Dollars: Reviews and Buying Guide

The mountain bikes listed below received the best reviews from the riders who bought them. I came to this selection also thanks to several hours of research and analysis of the characteristics. In this way, there is an excellent chance of choosing a good and durable mountain bike.

1. Eurobike TSM X9 29″ Hardtail Mountain Bike 21-Speed

If you are a taller individual, this reliable 29-inch wheeled bike is for you.

Eurobike is a manufacturer known for its beautiful, reliable, and competitive high-quality mountain bikes. The TSM X9 is one of these bicycles. It is light, but also robust and resistant, ideal for beginner and more experienced riders. 

The 19″ frame size is made of 6061 Aluminum alloy, known to be lightweight, strong, and durable.


One of the most noteworthy features, considering the price, is the safety offered by the double front and rear disc brakes, which are known to be the top of the braking systems.

Shifting System

The Shimano system needs no introduction, its 21-speed front, and rear derailleur ensures easy and smooth shifting.


Another great feature that highlights this bike is the high-quality fork with block installed. Even on rough terrain, you will have much more comfort and control.

The TSM X9 is shipped pre-assembled, you need to mount the front tire, the handlebar, and the pedals.

But if you prefer, you can have your bike shipped fully assembled for an additional fee.


  • Brand: Eurobike
  • Model: TSM X9
  • Frame Size: 19″
  • Frame Material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy 
  • Gears: 21-Speed Shimano
  • Brake Type: Mechanical Front/Rear Disc Brakes 
  • Suspension: Aluminum Hydraulic Shock Absorbing Front Fork 
  • Weight: 30 lb
  • Load Capacity: 300 lb
  • Wheel: 29 inches Spoke Wheels 
  • Color: Black-Green/Silver
  • Warranty: Lifetime on Frames and One-Year on Components


  • Great braking power
  • Smoother shifter
  • Light and resistant frame
  • Available full assembled (Paid option)
  • Lockout suspension
  • Excellent customer service


  • No quick release wheels
  • Not suitable for people under 5’8″ tall.

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2. Tetran Wildland 26″ 21-Speed Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

The Tetran Wildland is a mountain bike with a resistant and robust frame, with an original and futuristic design.

So, aside from the Sporty and Techno designs, what sets this mountain bike apart from the others?

For starters, it comes with two different colors, White/Blue and Black/Red, which is unisex and is built entirely in aluminum for lighter weight.

With the double suspension, front disc brake and Shimano shifter, it is a bicycle designed to be admired but also ready to face the most impervious paths. And besides being beautiful, it is also cheap.


The Aluminum alloy frame is 19 inches and fits well on riders with a stature between 5’7 “and 5’11”. The down tube is very thick and gives a lot of resistance to the frame.

The rear and front suspensions offer you a smoother ride, greater control, and exceptional stability while riding on dirt.


Another factor to mention is the handlebar. Its more extended width allows for better control and balance. The handles are very large and non-slip for a firm grip.

However, with a broader handlebar, it is good to get used to the spaces needed to pass between trees and other obstacles.

It is shipped pre-assembled, and therefore, once unboxed, you will only have to mount the handlebar, the saddle, the pedals, and the front wheel.


  • Brand: Tetran
  • Model: TSM X9
  • Frame Size: 19″
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy 
  • Frame Type: Step-Through
  • Gears: 21-Speed Shimano
  • Brake Type: Mechanical Front Disc Brake
  • Suspension: Duo Alloy Suspensions
  • Weight: 30 lb
  • Load Capacity: 275 lb
  • Wheel Size: 26 inches Spoke Wheels
  • Color: Black-Red/White-Blue
  • Warranty: Contact the Seller


  • Attractive design
  • Dual suspension
  • Sturdy frame
  • Excellent value for money


  • Some don’t like the handlebar too wide.

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3. Trinx Majec M136 26″ 21-Speed Mens Mountain Bike

Trinx Bikes is one of the top three bicycle manufacturers in China and is a well-known brand in Russia and the Philippines.

The Majec M136 is another demonstration that it is not necessary to spend capital to enjoy riding mountain bikes.Trinx bikes are affordable and offer excellent value for money. If you are on your first purchase of a mountain bike, a Trinx would be the right choice if you had a limited budget.

Frame Sizes

This model is a classic-looking mountain bike with an aluminum frame, available in 17″ and 19″ versions.As with all economic choices, this mountain bike adopts components that are not among the best known, but works well. After all, when you’re riding around, good reliable components are more important than the latest trend name.


This hardtail mountain bike has a 100 mm steel fork for greater control, especially when riding off-road. However, it is a fork with coil spring, which does not offer many adjustments compared to other bikes.Shifting is handled by Shimano Tourney, a system used on many bicycles, proven to work very well.It’s worth noting the presence of the double mechanical disc brake, which still represents one of the best braking systems you can find on a bicycle.


  • Brand: Trinx
  • Model: Majec M136
  • Frame Size: 17″ or 19″
  • Frame Material: AI6106 Aluminium Special-Shaped Tubes
  • Gears: 21-Speed Shimano
  • Brake Type: Mechanical Front/Rear Disc Brakes
  • Suspension: Trinx Steel Suspension Travel 100mm
  • Weight: 30 lb
  • Load Capacity: 275 lb
  • Saddle: Trinx Sport
  • Wheel: 26 inches Spoke wheels
  • Color: Yellow-Black/White Black
  • Warranty: Contact the Seller


  • Good quality constructon
  • The frame is sturdy and light
  • Excellent welds
  • Attention to small details (e.g. Loctite on bolts)


  • Not the easiest bike to assemble (unclear instructions)
  • Some fringe pieces are plastic

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4. Outroad 26″ 21-Speed Folding Mountain Bike

The Outroad mountain bike is another excellent option on this list. This originally designed mountain bike has a carbon steel frame, double suspension, and with 21-speed gears.


This bike can be folded up and easily inserted into the trunk of a car, so bike racks are not needed. Also, the front wheel has a quick release, which facilitates storing in the car.

It is good to remember that folding frames also facilitate access to public transport. Commuting with a bike/bus combination is usually a cheaper option than taking a car.

And if you have little space at home or in the garage, it fits in a small space much more quickly than a standard bike.


Dual disc brakes are more efficient than other types of brake systems, especially if you often go downhill. They work best when they are wet, they can be modulated, and light pressure on the levers is enough to slow down or stop the bike safely.

Thanks to the double suspension, this Outroad mountain bike, as the brand says, is perfect for tackling any terrain.


The six-spoke wheels are made of magnesium alloy and are therefore lighter than steel wheels. The lesser inertia that results will help you accelerate or stop faster.

The drawback is that they are less resistant than those in Aluminum or Steel, and this is also why this mountain bike has a load capacity of 200 lb lower than the Tetran or Eurobike that withstand 275 and 300 lb.

Saddle and Fenders

A little perplexity about the saddle, which does not seem suitable for off-road riding. According to some, it is quite comfortable, but it isn’t very easy to adjust. You may need to buy a better one. Even the fenders are not a great deal, they break easily in the event of a fall, and some prefer to remove them.

It is shipped assembled at 80%. All necessary tools for assembly are included.

But, as often happens, the instruction manual is not accurate. Some buyers say they have received a generic manual for all types of bikes! 

Fortunately, many say that assembly is not complicated. Free pedals are included in the package.

The Outroad R-100 is available in Type 1 and Type 2 models, which differ in the shape and height of the crossbar.

So, if you are looking for a bike for commuting, to ride mountain bike trails, or simply for fun, then this Outroad folding bike is worth considering, or better, according to many, it is highly recommended.


  • Brand: Outroad
  • Model: R-100 (Type 1 or Type 2)
  • Rider Height: 5’3″ to 5’11”
  • Frame Size: 19″
  • Frame Material: Carbon Steel
  • Frame Type: Step-Through
  • Gears: 21-Speed Shimano
  • Brake Type: Mechanical Front/Rear Disc Brakes
  • Suspension: Dual Front/Rear Suspension
  • Weight: 40 lb
  • Load Capacity: 200 lb
  • Wheel: 26″ 6 Spoke Wheels
  • Fenders: Front/Rear Plastic
  • Color: 4 Colours Available: Type 1 Black/Type 1 Yellow/Type 2 Black/Type 2 Orange
  • Warranty: Contact the Seller


  • Although foldable, the frame is excellent, solid and very robust
  • Quick release folding lock with an emergency backup lock
  • Easy to fold and carry in a car trunk
  • Quick release front wheel
  • Eye-catching frame design
  • Customer support is quick and very efficient.


  • Seat is not very comfortable and adjustment may be difficult
  • Poor quality and anti-aesthetic mudguards. Better take them off
  • Front fork suspension not adjustable

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5. Max4Out 26″ 21-Speed Mountain Bike


The x3 Max4Out mountain bike model is a traditional-looking hardtail, perfect for enthusiasts who love off-road cycling and who also use it as a means of everyday transport.


It is the recommended mountain bike on this blog post because there are many positive reviews issued by customers who have bought it, and who are satisfied in every respect. From tires to the gearbox, along with the linear and straightforward design, without forgetting the always precise and punctual Customer Service.

It has a 19″ Aluminum alloy frame, 2″ tires, double disc brakes, a great front fork, and a 21-speed gearbox.


This hardtail mountain bike has a frame that makes it perfect for mountain and dirt roads, but it is also effective for the city and as a cruising bike, resistant and beautiful to see.


The front suspension, although it will not absorb the bumps as good as some of the other more expensive models, does its job well.


The brakes are also well designed. The Max4out is equipped with front and rear disc brakes and allows you to stop the bike immediately with slight pressure on the levers.


The 26″ wheels are equipped with thick and resistant 2″ tires. Le With these tires, neither too big nor too small, this bicycle is at ease wherever you want to use it.


With an aluminum alloy frame with excellent welds, this bicycle is made to last for many years. It is also capable of carrying a lot of weight, given its maximum capacity of up to 330 lb.

It is supplied in two different color spray paint combinations: Silver-Red and Black-Red.


As for large shipments, it is sold partially assembled, but reviews declare that assembly is quick and easy, even for those who are not inclined.


  • Brand: Max4out
  • Model: x3
  • Rider Height: 5’3″ to 6’0″
  • Seat Height: –
  • Frame Size: 19″
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Frame Type: –
  • Gears: 21-Speed Shimano
  • Brake Type: Mechanical Front/Rear Disc Brakes
  • Suspension: Front Suspension
  • Weight: 37 lb
  • Load Capacity: 330 lb
  • Saddle: –
  • Wheel: 26″ Spoke Wheels
  • Fenders: –
  • Rear Rack: –
  • Safety Equipment: –
  • Color: 2 Colours Available: Silver-Red and Black-Red
  • Warranty: Contact the Seller


  • Very versatile, suitable for off-road and city
  • Light and durable Aluminum alloy frame
  • Tires for all routes
  • Smooth suspension
  • Excellent value for money


  • The saddle is not comfortable

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Good Mountain Bikes Under 300 Dollars: is it Realistic?

Surely you already know the saying “you get what you pay for”, “quality has its price”, “spend cheap spend twice”, and so on.

This is undoubtedly true, but this is not the absolute truth. 

There is always the exception, and, with careful research, you can always find an excellent product at an equally reasonable price.

In our case, we can safely say that some good bikes can be found even for less than 500, 300, and even under 200 dollars.

These affordable bicycles may not be of “very high quality,” but they are still a perfect fit for anyone who wants to experience the exciting world of mountain biking.

Would It Be Better to Spend Up to 500 Dollars Instead?

Is raising your budget to $500 a good idea? No, although there may be some exceptions. But generally, substantial changes are only noticeable when spending higher amounts, but there are not many differences between a $300, $400, or a $500 mountain bike.

A good option would be to buy some upgrades by spending some money later when it’s most convenient for you. There are numerous accessories available on the market that will adapt very well to your new mountain bike, and some well-targeted purchases could increase its value even to more than $500.

How Do I Upgrade My Bike?

A mountain bike can be updated by replacing some of the most important parts:


The wheels, as well as the appearance, affect the weight and handling of a bike. You can choose light-alloy wheels and tubeless tires to influence weight more.

Shifters and Derailleurs

The shifting system can be updated with spare parts from the best brands such as Shimano, SRAM, or Campagnolo.


If your bike has mechanical disc brakes, you can replace the controls with hydraulic ones, for a more robust and modular landslide. If you have rim brakes instead, the upgrade will be a more expensive one.


Luckily it is one of the easiest and least expensive parts to replace. Just choose a beautiful saddle with the best user reviews. One of the first things to do, if your saddle is uncomfortable or ugly.


If your bike does not have one, this is also an easy and inexpensive upgrade: it improves the quality of your mountain bike and, above all, increases safety.


This element is very easy to add or replace.

Quick Note – How Long Will Your Bike Last?

As a general rule, fewer accessories and moving parts will decrease the chance of failure.Your bike could be damaged if it is not suitable for a particular terrain. Furthermore, an economic MTB is not ideal for extreme and fast races on very uneven terrain.However, the components will last many years if you take care of them.For example, relieving the pressure on the pedals during shifts helps to extend the life of the gears.Proper general maintenance, including cleaning the bike after riding on the mud, up to periodically check the tire pressure, is the best way to maintain your new mountain bike.

Choose the Features You Need Most

When choosing a mountain bike, it is necessary to choose essential features such as the gearshift system, suspension, brakes, and wheel sizes, all of which will affect the handling and behavior of your mountain bike.


If climbing speeds are your goal, opting for multiple gears is always a good idea, it will be easier to drive on steeper slopes with maximum speed.

In this way, you can adjust the thrust needed on the pedals to proceed uphill most efficiently and comfortably.

Since the ideal combination of gears depends on the rider, finding yours will take a few tries because pedaling on different slopes and terrains requires different gear ratios.


Suspensions are a factor affecting the price of a mountain bike and are available in 3 different versions.

The primary function is to provide better control and comfort on rough roads.

  1. Rigid suspension
  2. It has become the rarest type of mountain bike, but it is still possible to find one. It hardly offers any suspension, but it is easier to maintain and costs much less, even if you have to sacrifice comfort. Note that, if it is a fat bike, the absence of suspension is common because it is the wider tires that cushion the unevenness of the terrain, eliminating the need for front and rear suspension.
  3. Front suspension: Hardtail
  4. The front suspension, also known as Hardtail, mitigates the impact on the fork, while the rear wheel does not have it. MTB hardtails are more expensive than the previous ones and require more maintenance. They are the most popular bicycles and are also the most recommended, especially if we talk about entry-level mountain bikes.
  5. Full-Suspension
  6. A complete suspension consists of a bike with front and rear shock absorbers that absorb the roughness and impacts of the route, making driving more pleasant and comfortable. However, it is not ideal for climbs, because some driving force is lost due to the rear suspension. This is why some manufacturers have added the ability to block it.

Wheel Size

There are three different wheel sizes that you can mount on your mountain bike, and this choice will affect factors such as weight, handling, resistance to driving, and sensation of driving.

The following information will help you determine the right wheel size for your bike.

  • 26″ wheel. It is the smallest size and, therefore, the lightest and most agile. In addition to allowing better acceleration, it is ideal for steep climbs and tight and fast corners, but it is less suitable for more uneven terrain.
  • 27.5″ wheel. The 27.5-inch wheel (also known as the 650b) is the compromise of the 26 and 29-inch wheels, and according to many, it represents the best solution because it allows a smoother ride than the 26 and faster acceleration than the 29-inch.
  • 29″ wheel. Consequently, this is the wheel that offers the least acceleration and the smoothest ride. The larger size of this will allow you to more easily maintain the speed reached, even on the roughest routes. However, they are the least light and least manageable. This type of wheel is the right choice if you often make long journeys, but without too many curves or climbs.

Frame Materials

The materials used to build the frame are another important feature because they affect the weight, handling, and price of the bike.

The cheapest mountain bike frames are made of steel and aluminum, and both materials meet the required robustness criteria.

The other materials used for higher-end bike frames are carbon fiber and titanium. Each element has its pros and cons.

  • Steel frame. Steel frame bikes are among the heaviest, so it’s harder to accelerate, and brake and they’re generally more uncomfortable to lift and transport. Besides, steel is subject to oxidation but is more flexible and resistant than aluminum.
  • Aluminum frame. After steel, it is the most used material for building bicycle frames. Aluminum is lighter than steel, but the section of the frame tubes must be larger, in order to offer the same strength and strength as steel. Being more rigid, it “feels” more the roughness of the ground, and for this, the ideal aluminum frame must have at least one front shock absorber. Another substantial difference is that it does not rust and requires less maintenance.
  • Carbon fiber frames. Out of all the materials, this is the only one that is not metallic. The carbon fiber frames include all the advantages of the first two because they are both light and resistant and very flexible. But it is prone to damage in the event of a collision or accident and is also quite expensive. 
  • Titanium frame. According to experts and users, titanium is the best material as it is very light, flexible, and extremely resistant. Absorbs vibrations very well, does not oxidize, and lasts practically forever. It also doesn’t lose its value, and you can always sell a titanium bike without losing anything. By contrast, titanium is the most expensive material, both in terms of availability and processing costs.


Among the many variants of brake systems, we can summarize by saying that most MTBs are equipped with two types: disc brakes and rim brakes.

Disk brakes

Disc brakes provide stronger stopping power and are seen more and more often on inexpensive mountain bikes. In fact, all the bikes on this page are equipped with them.

Disc brakes can be mechanical and hydraulic.

Hydraulic brakes operate through a sealed fluid, and they are much more sensitive and easier to modulate than mechanical ones.

The disadvantage of the hydraulic system, in addition to the price, is that it is more difficult to adjust them and to maintain or repair them, even for the most expert cyclists.

According to, disc brakes are heavier than V-brakes and can lock the wheel if used suddenly.

Rim brakes

Mountain bikes with rim brakes are also very popular. The rim brakes work with the friction of the pads on the rims.

For this reason, one of the disadvantages is the progressive wear of the rim, which will need to be replaced more frequently. It also does not offer the same performance as disc brakes, and they lose efficiency in wet conditions.

On the other hand, rim brakes are cheaper, lighter, and easier to adjust and maintain.


How much do I have to pay for my budget mountain bike?

As far as I know, the lowest price to consider is $300. However, I don’t rule out posting a post with a maximum budget of $200.

Is it better to buy online or in a local bicycle shop?

You can make a good purchase in both places. But due to the higher overhead costs, physical stores cannot compete with online stores, so you will find a higher number of offers by purchasing via the Internet.

What model years should I buy?

The year of production does not matter. This is because a new one is not always better than the one produced the previous year.

Indeed, the overall design of a bicycle hasn’t changed over the years except for the addition of components such as shock absorbers, improved shifting systems, and different wheel sizes.

Furthermore, a new bike produced three years earlier could be a super opportunity, also because the old models must be liquidated to make room in the deposits.

Should I look for a hardtail or full-suspension mountain bike?

Given that Hardtail mountain bikes are cheaper, hardtails are more efficient uphill.

Full suspension bikes are more comfortable. As mentioned earlier, manufacturers have added the ability to lock the rear suspension to improve uphill traction.

What should I wear?

These are the recommended clothing and accessories, especially in the case of long journeys or outings.

  • A bike helmet
  • Sneakers or bike shoes

And, depending on the climate:

  • Long or short trousers
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Upper body clothing
  • Warm gloves

Do I need lights?

In my opinion, it is always better to have them, especially if you use your mountain bike in the evening.


I hope it has helped you to acquire useful information to choose the best mountain bike for under 300 that is right for you.

These mountain bikes offer performances that, according to the comments of those who bought them, are top-notch, cheap, and with which they work well.

It is not excluded that in some cases, some inconvenience may occur, but unfortunately, these statistically happen, especially for mechanical components.

Best Offer

Among the bicycles reviewed on this page we must mention the Max4out Shining Mountain Bike 26″ 21-Speed Double Disc Brake.

It is a no-frills mtb, elegant, with a nice paint and suitable for use in the city but also for off-road routes.

The Alternative

For those who prefer a more sophisticated and original mountain bike, the Tetran Wildland is a model to consider.

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It has a futuristic design and is suitable for men, women, and boys. It is equipped with the rear shock absorber, and although it is more complicated than the other, this mountain bike promises to last years and years.

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