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In our modern era, bikes are just a full-filling adventurous experience which some people are going with.

And if you are planning to take steps in remarkable trips with bikes under a specific budget, it’s our pleasure to us to have you and help you in terms of looking or buying the best road bike for under 300 dollars, for ridiculous fun and enjoyable future! 

Top 5 Best Road Bike For Under 300 Dollars:

Quick Comparison Table

Brand/ Model




Eurobike / 21 Speed Road Bike XC550 Wheels Dual Disc Brake

  • 21 Speed
  • 49cm Steel Frame
  • Dual Disc Brake BIcycle

Sundeal / R7 700c Road Bike 6061 Alloy Frame

  • Shimano 7 Speed Pedals
  • Brake levers integrated intro shifters

Cqcy / XC550 Road Bike For Man Integrated Wheel Double Disc Brake

  • Aluminum alloy frame of 26×17 inches
  • Double disc brake

Factory F140 700C Flat Bar Road Bike

  • Factory V-Shock Alloy fork
  • 14 Speed

Eurobike / 27 Speed XC550 Road Bicycle Dual Disc Brake

  • 27 Speed 700C road bicycle
  • The bike comes 85% assembled

Bikes Today

Bicycle are usually now become the best partner in human life because having a road bike for use is:

  • A great way to stay fit
  • And protect the environment too!

Furthermore, you don’t have to empty your bank account to get a good bike.

You can enjoy all the full health benefits of exercising on your bike as a list of 5 best road bikes under 300 dollars has been compiled for your benefit.

Premium Features Even On A Entry Level Road Bike Under 300 Dollars

Not everyone can afford expensive race bikes and premium bikes.

An entry level road bike is probably going to consider a four-figure price tag of a valuable bicycle.

Purchasing a premium bike doesn’t seem like a good financial decision to many.

Instead of spending thousands on that premium bike, you might want to consider buying a less costly one, having some cheap road bikes under 300 dollars most features of a premium bike anyway.

Most good road bikes under 300 dollars have a solid frame construction and are smooth to ride. Others are strong and lightweightdurable, and possess the potential for good average speed.

Best Road Bikes For Under 300 Dollars: Reviews & Buying Guide

Here are 5 top picks among the best road bikes under 300 dollars to purchase for your next bike racing expedition:

1. Eurobike XC550 21 Speed Road Bike Dual Disc Brake

The 21 Speed Eurobike weighs 31.5 lbs with a durable steel frame. It’s a budget road bike that has the look and feel of a premium bike.

It comes with a stylish wheel design and a free pedal and seat. It has a superior speed when compared to other entry level bikes. 

  • The dimensions of the tires are 700×28
  • Frame size is 49cm and 54cm
  • Has an iron-racing handlebar
  • Chain wheel and Crank are 42T*34T*24T*170mm
  • Aluminum 160mm steel disc brake
  • The color of the pedal is resin black
  • It comes with a brake lever and shifter of SHIMANO A050 21 Speed
  • Maximum load weight of the bike is 330 lbs
  • Freewheel is 7plus, 14-28T
  • The chain feature is KMC, 7 speed
  • Frame material is made of steel
  • The front derailleur is made of SHIMANO TZ30, Upward pull
  • The rear derailleur is made of SHIMANO TZ50, Direction type
  • Frame material is made of steel
  • The steel of the bike lasts longer than conventional aluminum bikes
  • The full width of the tire comes handy when riding on various types of terrain
  • 21 Speed Eurobike has stellar and supportive customer service
  • It’s challenging to assemble the bicycle as instructions aren’t very clear and are difficult to read
  • Finding and replacing the tire tube size in your local bike shop is not that easy
  • It’s not advisable to ride steel bikes in wet climates as it tends to oxidize
Eurobike XC550 Video Review

2. Sundeal R7 700c Road Bike 6061 Alloy Frame

R7 700C road bike comes in 16 speeds and in size 24.

The body is made of aluminum.

The wheels have a simple aluminum design and with the saddle seat raised a bit higher than the steering handle.

  • The frame has welded 6061 aluminum
  • Brake levers are integrated into shifters
  • 1-1/8” straight rims
  • It has QR axles
  • Has a ball/cone type bearing tires
  • Wire bead has 700 x 23 dimension
  • Has a compact road square taper of 170mm
  • It comes with 50/34T Freewheel
  • Shimano 7 Speed Pedals
  • The front derailleur is of Shimano Tourney
  • Has a double rear derailleur of Shimano Tourney 7sHandlebar
  • Its Sundeal alloy is 420mm width crankset and unbranded
  • It has integrated style hubs, and sealed spokes are black coated with brass nipples stem
  • R7 700c road bike is made of high-quality light and durable aluminum frame
  • It has a relative speed capacity in comparison with other bicycles
  • It comes with reflector plastic for increased visibility at night
  • It can be difficult to assemble when it’s newly bought
  • It has no warranty for plastic reflector pieces on the bike
Sundeal R7 Video Review

3. Cqcy XC550 Road Bike For Man Integrated Wheel Double Disc Bike

This bike has an aluminum alloy frame and is easy to assemble.

When bought, it is 90% pre-assembled, just requiring a light touch of assembling to start pedaling with your new wheel.

  • Has an aluminum alloy frame of 26 x 17 inches
  • It comes with an MTB dedicated bottom bracket headset
  • Has a 21-speed index chain
  • The front derailleur is made of SHIMANO TZ30
  • The rear derailleur is made of SHIMANO TZ50
  • Contains a 21-speed Shimano TX30 speed lever
  • Seat saddle is made of aluminum alloy
  • The pedal-type is resin MTB pedal YH 44X
  • Has a double disc brake, as well as aluminum alloy brake blocks
  • It comes with MTB rubber grips
  • Also comes with a steel suspension fork
  • Spokes are 45# steel ED spoke
  • 21-speeds is adjustable and can be modified to your racing needs
  • It comes with a one-year warranty service for the bike frame
  • It comes 90% pre-assembled and easy to install, ready to ride with professional support and guidance
  • The high speed of this 21-speed road bike can be adjusted to fit the rider’s needs
  • Professional bikers won’t find it so amazing for racing

4. Factory F140-700C Flat Bar Road Bike

Flat Bar Road Bike by is a 14-speed yellow bike with solid quality and reliability, yet offered at a relatively low price.

It is created with a light alloy and is designed for the beginner and intermediate rider while creating a fantastic driving experience due to its sophisticated frame and durability.

This bicycle is built by one of the largest and most reputable bicycle manufacturers in Australia, Momentum Mobility.

  • Has a Factory twin bond, S-lite alloy frame
  • The handlebar is made of Factory alloy 620mm x 25.4mm
  • Comes with a black rubber grip
  • The fork is a Factory V-Shock Alloy
  • H/Set has 1-1/8” integrated threadless
  • Tires are made of Factory 700C x 38C
  • Saddle seat is made of Factory alloy 27.2 x 300mm
  • Seat post clamp is made of Factory alloy, quick release
  • The brake levers are made of Shimano TX800 SL – A050/Promax 2 finger level
  • Has a Factory alloy double wall, 700C rim
  • Front and rear hub is made of alloy 32H quick release axle
  • The front derailleur is made of Shimano TX800
  • The rear derailleur is made of Shimano TX800
  • Has an alloy caged platform pedal
  • The rear brake has Promax caliper with adjustment lever
  • Front brake has Promax caliper with adjustment lever
  • Freewheel is made of Shimano TX800 TZ21
  • Crankset is made of Shimano Alloy 38-48 teeth 170mm
  • Has a stem of Factory alloy 100 x 31.8 semi black satin
  • It is built with world-class quality and stability
  • Relatively cheaper compared to other brands of road bikes
  • Lack of customer support
  • The bicycle can be a bit heavy
Factory F140 Video Review

5. Eurobike XC550 27 Speed Road Bicycle Dual Disc Brake

The 27 speed 700C road bicycle is a black yellow that has a Taiwan Microshift Shifting system to ensure that you can apply brakes safely at any speed.

It’s 60 height double wall aluminum rims give it a visual appeal, and the free pedal and comfortable saddle seat provide comfort for the rider.

  • The frame material is made of steel
  • Frame size is 49cm
  • It has an aluminum brake of 160mm steel disc
  • Sprocket crank is made of 42T*34T*24T*170mm
  • The brake/shifter is powered by Taiwan Microshift TS-71-9
  • It’s stem aluminum, black, 4Pcs Screws
  • It comes with an iron racing handlebar
  • The rim is an aluminum double wall rim, 32 pcs spoke hole, and its height is 60mm
  • The front derailleur is made of Taiwan Microshift FD-M20, 31.8, down pull
  • The rear derailleur is made of Taiwan Microshift RD-M25L 9SP, direction type
  • It has a comfortable saddle seat
  • The pedal is resin black
  • Has a Wanda King tire with dimension 700C x 28C
  • It comes with a road bike brake lever
  • Freewheel is 9 plus, 11/13/15/17/19/21/24/28/32T
  • When bought, the road bike comes 85% assembled. All you need to do is install the front wheel, pedals, handlebar, seat, and air up the pedals
  • It comes with an easy to read bike installation instruction that makes assembling your bike much more comfortable
  • The road bike is optimized for speed with its 27-speed power
  • Its dual disc brake makes it possible to stop no matter the speed of the rider
  • The bike is very heavy
  • It is relatively expensive when compared to other road bikes

Road Bike Brands – The Brands Behind These Amazing Road Bikes Are listed Below

  • Sundeal Bikes is responsible for manufacturing bikes for several famous brands. They are one of the largest manufacturers of bikes in the world.
  • Cqcy manufactures mountain bikes that are known that are knownfor their high quality.
  • Factory Bicycles produces both mountain and road bikes. Their bikes are one of the most popular bikes in the world.

How To Choose The Right Road Bike

One of the things to look out for when choosing a road bike is the frame materials.

Among others, the best are aluminum frame and carbon fiber frame.

An aluminum frame is common and well-known as it provides a smooth riding experience for riders, both beginners and intermediate.

It is less expensive than the carbon fiber frame.

Carbon fiber frame is more comfortable and can absorb vibration when riding than aluminum frame does.

Hence, they are more expensive than an aluminum frame.

If you prefer comfort to budget, you might want to go for the aluminum frame.

However, the carbon fiber frame has a superior performance then aluminum.

Another thing to look out for is the wheels.

The wheels determine the weight of the bike, how well the bike accelerates and how it fares against the wind.

You don’t have much choice on wheels when you buy a bike.

It’s a smart move to upgrade your wheel to reduce your bike weight and increase its responsiveness.

In the end, the most significant factors that affect the price of a bike are its frame material and the quality of its components.

It’s always best to go for the high-quality bike and those reviewed in this article match these requirements.


What should I eat before a ride?

During strenuous activities, the body tends to use fats and carbohydrates as a form of energy.

In actuality, high-intensity exercises such as cycling require more carbs than fats.

If the objective is to cycle for a long distance at a quick speed, oatmeal is a great choice.

As a breakfast, oatmeal provides the body with excellent quality carbohydrates which help in keeping the energy levels high all day.

Other foods rich in carbohydrates are brown rice, pasta, and whole grains.

Banana is also a good pre-workout for cyclists.

Lastly, remember to eat about 1.5-2 hours before embarking on your journey.

What should I eat during a ride?

Cycling on an empty stomach does not make any difference when it comes to losing weight.

All it does is deplete the energy resources of the body.

Now, since cycling is such a demanding activity, carbohydrates are what are mainly required for the body to perform at par.

Here, cereal bars rich in oats are a good choice, as well as bananas and whole-wheat bread sandwiches will do the job of keeping your energy levels high.

It’s a good practice to sit on the widest and convenient part of the seat saddle and be able to reach for the handlebars.

If cycling gets me fit, won’t my legs get huge?

Your legs are made up of muscles.

For muscles to grow or become huge, they require first to be broken down – which is what happens to them after lifting heavy weights – after which they need protein to repair themselves and grow bigger.

However, as cycling is a cardio activity, the muscles in the legs are not being broken down, unless, there is a significant amount of resistance such as climbing a hill.

Yet so, the muscles do not get as worked up as when you do the leg day in the gym.

In fact, stretching after cycling lengthens the muscles, and they appear leaner.

What should I wear for biking?

First and foremost, when it comes to biking accessories, wearing a helmet, knee and elbow guards is a must.

Apart from that, comfortable clothes help stay insulated whereas the body fit athletic garments are suitable for aerodynamics, as well as for long journeys.

They also help keep the sweat from irritating and are overall much comfortable for long rides.

What bike helmet should I buy?

For road bikers, helmets which help the rider go faster by breaking the wind are the best choice.

Apart from aerodynamics, the helmet should also be lightweight and should have some reflective material which is clearly visible to cars even in dark and severe weather conditions.

What size road bike should I ride?

For road bikers, helmets which help the rider go faster by breaking the wind are the best choice.

When thinking about which road bike size to go for, there is a road bike height chart which works 99.9% of the time.

It goes like:

Rider’s Height

4’10” – 5’0”

5’0” – 5’3”

5’3” – 5’6”

5’6” – 5’9”

5’9″ – 6’0”6’0” – 6’3”6’3” – 6’6”

Bike Frame Size

47 – 48 cm (XXS)

49 – 50 cm (XS)

51- 53 cm (S)

54 – 55 cm (M)

56 – 58 cm (L)

58 – 60 cm (XL)

61 – 63 cm (XXL)

As a general rule, the size of road bikes you should ride is one that’llallow you to sit and comfortably reach the pedal and brakes.

How many gears should my road bike have?

Riders who are new to the field or riders who tend to ride up sloped roads require a triple or compact crankset, whereas experienced and flat road riders are better suited with a double.

Do I need suspension on my road bike?

Since road riders tend to spend most of their riding time on flat surfaces, the bouncing due to the suspension could, in turn, consume more energy.

That is why road bikes are preferably chosen without suspensions.

That being said, if the terrain is uneven, then choosing a road bike with a suspension might work, although it is not recommended to ride road bikes on such grounds.

How do I choose handlebar width?

The handlebars affect the level of comfort while riding.

A wide handlebar gives the rider more confidence while riding, and the shorter handlebars work well for sharp turns.

Based on this, the choice of the handlebar width can be made.

Which brake system for my road bike?

Since road bikes tend to travel at high speeds, rim brakes could potentially cause damage to the tires just because of the friction.

Secondly, rim brakes tend to be unreliable when the roads are wet.

The best option here is to go for disc brakes.

Disc brakes are exempt from any sort of rim damage, as well as functionality, they are much more reliable at higher speeds.

How high should my saddle be?

The saddle should be such that when the rider rotates the peddles, the knee of the leg which is on the lower peddle should be just slightly bent at full extension.

This can be predetermined by taking the help of a friend, trainers or by leaning against a wall.

What are clipless pedals?

Clipless pedals are particular types of pedals which attach to the clipless cycling shoes.

When connected, the feet don’t leave the peddle unless the rider wants them to.

To release, the rider must simply swing the feel heal first.

Should I ride with clipless pedals?

Clipless peddles are recommended for those riders who tend to travel long journeys in short amounts of time, as well as fitness enthusiasts.

Normal rubber clips or strap peddles are fine for short distance travel but for professional riders, that additional security that the feet are always in contact with the peddle makes a lot of difference.

Conclusion & Best Offer

There’s really no reason not to go for these 5 best road bike under 300 dollars.

Go get yours now.

There’s really no reason not to go for these 5 best road bike under 300 dollars.

Go get yours now.

Best Offer

According to the listed characteristics, the best choice among the road bikes discussed on this page is the Eurobike 21 Speed Road Bike XC550 Wheels Dual Disc Brake.


Cqcy XC550 700Cx28C Steel Hard Frame 21-Speed Road Bike

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