best road bike wheelset under 500

A wheel upgrade can give your road bike a new look as well as a real improvement in speed. During our review of the best road bike wheelset under 500 dollars, we wanted to learn all about one of the essential parts of the bike.

In fact, wheels have a significant impact on the weight of your bike and how fast you’re able to go on it. They also affect how well you can ride and maneuver your bike.

Read on for some excellent choices to make your riding experience a truly unique one.

Quick Comparison: Best Road Bike Wheelset Under $500




1. 3T Accelero 40 Pro Shimano Gen. II Set

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2. Wiel 700c 38mm Carbon Tubular Road Bike Wheels

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3. Velocity Origin 8 Deep-V Wheel Set 700c

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4. Factory Five – F5 Pista Track Wheelset

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5. SunRise Bike 1 Pair of Road Bike Carbon 700

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Best Road Bike Wheelset Under 500: Reviews and Buying Guide

We researched the features of several wheelsets.

We wanted to know what each brand had to offer in terms of wheel size, weight, look, and color. We also tried to find the best materials that make each set of wheels sturdy yet stylish.

In this article, we are here with a review of the best road bike wheelsets within the budget. Let’s dive in!

1. 3T Accelero 40 Pro Shimano Gen. II


The 3T Accelero 40 Pro Shimano bike is suitable for everyday use. This is mainly due to its streamlined alloy clincher tires.

Deep wheels slightly increase the weight of your bike, and this is something you can find in this wheelset. They’re deep-section wheels that offer speed and stability. The slight extra weight may allows better handling of the bike in all weather conditions.

The 3T Accelero wheels are equally adept at meeting the demands of racing and training.

The rim is made from durable alloy and measures 23 mm wide and 37 mm deep.

It comes in a black anodized finish. The spokes are also black for a modern look, with 18 in the front and 24 in the rear.

Both wheels come in at a weight of a little less than 1800 g.


  • 37 mm rim depth
  • High-quality 3T aero design rim
  • Alloy clincher tires
  • Pillar PSR triple-butted spokes
  • Brass spoke nipples
  • Aerodynamic wheels


  • Stable and lightweight
  • Steady and strong performance


  • Water enters rims easily through spoke holes and is difficult to drain

Video: 3T Accelero 40 Pro Wheel Unboxing

2. Wiel 700c 38mm Carbon Tubular Road Bike Wheels


We like that the Wiel 700c bike wheels are lightweight, yet reliable. They’re made from Toray T700, which means they provide extra stability on harsh mountain trails. Their overall weight is 1500 g. The recommended weight for riders is 113 kg (250 lb).

The highlight, though, is that they come with the exclusive patented technology of 3D Automatic Wrapping. It’s cutting-edge technology that strengthens the brake system and boosts its recovery time.

The number of spokes in the rear-wheel is 24, and 20 in the front-wheel.


  • Front-wheel weighs 650 g and rear-wheel weighs 840 g
  • Alloy external nipple system
  • Spokes are Sapim Leader
  • Black alloy hubs
  • The rim is 20 mm wide and 565 mm in diameter
  • Tubular tires


  • Skewers, spare nipples, spare spoke set, and brake pads are all included
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Replacing tubular tires is more of a hassle than other types of tires

Video: What’s The Difference? – Carbon Fiber VS Aluminum Wheels

3. ​Velocity/Origin8 Deep-V Wheelset 700c


This wheelset comes in a stylish black stainless steel. The sturdy stainless steel frame gives your bike power as you’re riding. They also provide a comfortable and smooth ride.

Both wheels have 32 spoke holes, which balances out the torque and traction of the wheels. This feature is useful when riding on moderate trails or city streets, yet it may cause unsteadiness if the terrain is a bit rougher.


  • 2.0 stainless steel black spokes
  • Hubs have sealed bearings and come in black
  • Velocity Deep-V, black rims


  • Elegant black color
  • Durable and lightweight


  • There are the same number of spokes on both wheels, which reduces the drive force

Video: Retro Wheels vs New Wheels – How Have Modern Bicycle Wheels Evolved?

4. ​Factory Five – F5 Pista Track Wheelset


The Factory 5 company started in 2010 by rebuilding the classic bicycle. They redesigned it by giving it new features and a brand new, modern look. Ever since then, they’ve proven themselves worthy contenders in the international market.

Their unique set of Pista Track wheels is no exception. Their overall wheelset weight is 2060 g. The wheels are lightweight for easy maneuvering. Yet, they’re sturdy enough to give you a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

There are 24 spokes in the rear-wheel, and 20 in the front wheel. They’re an excellent choice for commuting to work or school, just as they’re great for hitting those mountain trails.


  • Front-wheel weighs 960 g, and the rear-wheel weighs 1100 g
  • High-quality nylon rim strip
  • 2.0 stainless steel spokes
  • Alloy Clincher rims and tires.
  • 24 mm long and 19.5 mm wide rims


  • Available in back and silver
  • Sturdy and lightweight


  • Aerodynamic wheels can make it a bit difficult to handle rough terrains

Video: How To Use And Adjust Quick Release Skewers

5. ​SunRise Bike 1 Pair of Road Bike Carbon 700


SunRise is one of the top manufacturers of aluminum bike frames, wheels, and other accessories. Ever since they began in 1971, they’ve been successful at expanding their company and winning awards.

These are a great set of wheels that provide comfort and stability as you ride your bike. These wheels are Toray T700 carbon fiber filaments. Both wheels have an overall weight of about 1506 g, rims and tires are alloy Clincher. They’re 23 mm in width and 38 mm deep.

The spokes are black with 20 holes in the front and 24 holes in the rear. This wheelset comes with brake pads and skewers. The recommended maximum rider weight is 120 kg (265 lb).


  • Minimalist design
  • Made from Toray T700 carbon fiber
  • Front-wheel weighs 680 g and rear-wheel weighs 850 g
  • Alloy clincher wheels and tires


  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Well-built and lightweight
  • Customized logo painting available


  • Brake pads can be squeaky, and not as effective as other brands

Video: How To True A Bicycle Wheel

The Main Parts of a Bicycle Wheel

Wheels are responsible for the quality of your ride because they’re in constant contact with the ground. They also control the amount of effort it takes you to pedal and gain speed.

The Tire

Tires are made from firm rubber that isn’t very stretchy. Tires have two solid edges, known as beads. These beads attach the tires onto the rim. The task of a tire is also to protect the inner tube from punctures or lacerations.

There are 3 types of tires:

  • Clincher
  • Tubular
  • Tubeless

The Inner Tube

This is the part where the air valve is located on the inside. The inner tube is made of a type of rubber that’s flexible and can easily bend.

The Rim

Along with the hub and the spokes, the rim is the actual ‘wheel’ itself. The rim has the crucial role of attaching parts to each other. For example, it mounts the tire onto the wheel.

Plus, it fixes the spokes onto the inner surface of the rim, which is the part that comes in contact with the inner tube. This is done with the help of spoke nipples, or the cylinders that attach the rim to the spokes on a wheel.

Due to the constant braking with rim brakes, rims wear out quicker than other parts. Maintaining the structural integrity of the entire bike relies significantly on the rim. It’s vital that you perform regular check-ups on the rims to keep them in tip-top shape.

The Rim Strip

Those spoke heads are sharp and can cause real damage to the inner tube. That’s where the rim strip comes in. The rim strip can either be constructed from a rubber strip or a cotton tape that adheres all around the surface of the rim.

Carbon and Aluminum Wheels: Key Considerations

Nowadays, carbon is a material that fascinates any road cyclist.

From the frame to the cranks, you can do anything with this material.

And, therefore, also the wheels.

Virtually any respectable rider will tell you the most significant upgrade for a road bike is about wheels.

So if you are planning to spend some money on your bike, investing in the right wheels is the first thing to do.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Regardless of the type of rim, try to choose as light as possible. Even if speed is not your primary interest and you only need a good sturdy and durable wheel, the advantages of a light rim are immediately evident, such as greater maneuverability (quicker steering) and less fatigue at the end of a ride.

This is where carbon wheels have a lot to offer. Besides that, they look good, they are faster and aerodynamic.

In contrast, aluminum wheels do not have all these advantages, but let’s see what benefits they can offer.

First, they cost much less. No less important, they have a higher impact resistance.

Therefore, carbon wheels can significantly improve the overall riding quality of your bike, but they are not an obvious choice. Although they are excellent in terms of performance, they are also much more expensive and are not always the most useful choice.

Tip: if you ride to compete and have a high spending budget, you could use your aluminum wheels to train, and then feel the advantages of carbon wheels when battling with friends. In short: train hard, compete lightly.

More than a fantastic look, carbon wheels will offer you real advantages in terms of weight, aerodynamics, and speed.

Why have carbon wheels become so popular?

Widely used by pros, even at the local level it is not uncommon to see even beginners riders on carbon wheels that cost even more than a monthly salary.

First of all, the photos don’t do these wheels justice. Starting from how they feel in your hand, to how they appear, they are a prodigy of technology.

carbon wheel detail

But it is during the road test that carbon wheels reveal the reason for their success.

On flat roads, for example, their lightness allows you greater acceleration. Another advantage is that carbon wheels will enable you to keep your speed longer when you stop pedaling. 

In short, the faster you go, the greater the advantage that carbon wheels can offer.

So, do you need carbon wheels? No, you don’t, especially if speed isn’t your thing and maybe you just ride to keep you in good shape.

If you use the bicycle every day at a normal pace, the carbon wheels offer no advantage. Instead, they are a disadvantage in terms of expenses.

Apart from the cost, for those used to metal alloy wheels, it is sometimes difficult to switch to carbon. A traditional rim with a sturdy 3-spoke motif can be difficult to quit. Moreover, if you happen to wear out or even break an aluminum rim, it would be relatively inexpensive to replace it.

But if you have a budget and you want to ride faster, the carbon wheels are much better, and they really make a difference.


Is the rear wheel available for sale by itself?

No. Both wheels come together as a set. Some companies may allow the sale of just the rear wheel, but they may require extra fees.

Do the wheels come with the cogs?

No, the cogs are sold separately. Some wheels come with skewers, brake pads, and speed spacers.

What is the maximum rider weight?

The suggested maximum weight for a rider is 130 kg (250 lb)


After reviewing our favorite road bike wheelsets, we found these to be our top picks.

Our number one pick for best road bike wheels under 500 is the SunRise Bike 1 Pair of Road Bike Carbon 700. A practical set of aerodynamic wheels with an overall weight of 1506 g, the SunRise bike wheels provide reliability in all conditions.

Best Offer

Their minimalistic black carbon design will give your bike a modern feel and look. The spokes in the rear wheel are more than in the front wheel. This boosts the driving force without compromising your comfort or stability.

A downside to these wheels is the brake pads can be squeaky when applied. Also, their braking power is a bit lagging. So it might be a good idea to buy new brake pads and not rely so much on these.

The Alternative

As a second option, the Wiel 700c 38mm Carbon Tubular Road Bike Wheels is a more affordable choice. Although they come at a lower price, they still manage to provide you with a smooth and safe bike ride.

Wiel 700c 38mm Carbon Tubular Road Bike Wheels

These wheels are lightweight and perfect for many types of roads. Their wide rim width and tubular tires provide stability during harsh weather conditions.

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