best women's mountain bike under 300

There are so many good women’s mountain bikes on the market. Mountain bikes can look stunning and are a great form of transportation and exercise, an activity that you can enjoy when riding by yourself as well as in a group of friends or alongside your family. So what is the best women’s mountain bike under 300?

Quick Comparison

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Best Women’s Mountain Bike Under 300 Reviews & Buying Guide

I have decided to explain a particular few in which I believe are the best ones out there on the market at the moment and share with you my reviews on them alongside my favorite ones. I will be explaining a little about these bikes and share my opinion with you helping you see the benefits and disadvantages of them.

1. KENT 26″ Next Women’s Comfort Bike


This is the beautiful Kent 26 Avalon cruiser bike that comes in a couple of colors some are purple and rose gold, Perfect if you are a beginner or looking to have a leisurely ride as it’s the primary purpose to for comfort, such a beautiful bike will definitely catch people attention.

Features and Specifications

  • The frame has dual suspension, which undoubtedly adds comfort making a more enjoyable ride when you are going over any bulbs 
  • Adjustable upright position to ride in, this is great for someone who is looking to take their time and enjoy riding and the scenery around them
  • There are two brakes, one and the front and one at the back
  • It has seven different gears making it easy to adjust
  • A comfortable padded seat which will be great for your bottom when taking long rides
  • 26″ mountain bike
  • Weighs only around 25 pounds, which makes it a pleasant and light bike


  • This bike is great for leisurely rides
  • It is not heavy making it is to handle and move
  • Looks beautiful
  • Street tires making it great for all surfaces
  • The comfort of the frame and seats make road and paths that have little bumps more comfortable


  • Not ideal for speed rides or racing
  • The pedals are only your standard style
  • No fenders

Video: Kent Avalon 26″ Comfort Cruiser Unbox

2. Roadmaster 26″ Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike


The Roadmaster women’s bike is very diverse as it can be used if you would like to go for a leisurely ride but also works well when riding in the countryside or on uneven tracks. It can be used on all different terrains. 

Features and Specifications

  • It supports a sturdy steel frame giving it natural movement and comfortable
  • Contains alloy rims
  • 18-speed twist shifters
  • Knobbly tire treads that grip paths that are muddy or dry
  • Front and back linear-pull brakes which are good if you need to make a quick break
  • A standard bike seat
  • Ideal for people of the height between 5′ 2 ft – 5′ 10 ft.
  • Three-piece mountain crank
  • Front suspension fork
  • Ideal for 18 years and older


  • A great all-round bike
  • Perfect for quick stops and fast riding
  • Good suspension
  • Tires that are sturdy and will help you on any surface


  • Not recommended for anyone under 18 years old
  • Not suitable for anyone under 5′ 2″ ft
  • The bike seat is only standard not very comfortable

Video Review: Roadmaster Granite Peak 26″ Ladies Mountain Bike

3. Mongoose Status 2.2 Women’s 26″ Wheel Mountain Bike


Mongoose brought underground BMX racing to the streets taking the top in BMX racing in the 1980s and went on to make the first full-suspension mountain bike frames.

This bike is packed full of features and is a beautiful bike to consider.

Features and Specifications

  • Strong aluminum full suspension frame
  • Rear shock greatly supports you when riding over any bumps
  • Suspension fork
  • Allow rims that are light and strong
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • 21 gear shifts
  • Alloy rims, light a durable
  • 26 x 2.125 tires
  • Riser handlebars
  • Colored end plugs
  • Hydroformed tubing


  • A strong and sturdy frame
  • Big tires that will not let anything get in your way
  • Supports you when riding over bumps
  • A large number of gear changes which makes it easier when changing from pavement to grass to mud and helping you to find the correct ease of gears when riding up hills
  • A good bike for adventures and trial riding
  • Great for swift quick movements


  • It is a heavier style of bike

Video: Mongoose Mountain Bike For Women

4. Eurobike 26” Full Suspension Mountain Bike 21 Speed Folding Bicycle Men or Women


This is an excellent mountain hybrid bike. It has a great design that sets it out from the rest, and a folding frame for easy carrying and storage. A dynamic style that demands attention and shows it is not something to be messed with or taken lightly. At an affordable price, you can have an incredible riding experience with comfortable suspension.  

Features and Specifications

  • Double-disc brakes
  • Hybrid steel frame
  • Foldable 
  • 80% pre-assembled
  • Flat handlebar that is in a sturdy upright position
  • 26 Inches
  • Weight: 40 lb


  • Solid steel frame
  • Beautiful design
  • Built for speed
  • Safe bike


  • The instructions are not very clear

Video: What to Wear for Mountain Biking

5. Huffy 26 Inch Women’s Trail Runner Mountain Bike


The Huffy trial runner mountain bike is a superb maintain bike that gives you great speed and support on the bumpy tracks and roads.

The bike gives you great control over potholes and agile when dodging branches. Features and

Features and Specifications

  • Dual suspension steel frame
  • Alloy linear pull brakes great for smooth braking
  • Rugged tires handle
  • Alloy rims
  • 18 quick and easy gear shifts
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Padded saddle
  • Suspension fork
  • Alloy rims


  • This mountain bike is great for trial rides
  • Can also be used for leisurely rides
  • The seat is comfortable
  • Quite light giving it great movability
  • Suspensions are great for all the bumpy paths and roads
  • Built for speed as well as a smooth slow rise


  • More of a seasonal bike
  • The light frame which would not do well in the wind
  • Standard appearance
  • Smooth brakes not ideal for a quick sharp stop

Video: Huffy 26″ Women’s Trail Runner Mountain Bike

Factors To Consider When Buying A Women’s Mountain Bike

When you are considering buying a mountain bike, there is a lot to consider.

Everyone has there own preferences and activities they would like to do when they are going for a ride so there really isn’t just one bike that will suit everyone. It is like when you are choosing a car. You wouldn’t just buy any car; you would want one that meets your needs.

When considering what you want from your mountain bike, you will look at:

The look of the bike

We all have our win style, would you want a bike that blends in and looks casual, or if you are looking for something that looks dynamic, bold, and really demands peoples attention.

And also there is in between, something that says you are serious but not shouting to be admired.

The frame of your bike

The frame is an understated but essential part of any mountain bike. This will affect the way the bike moves, where would be best to ride it, can it handle a hard or bumpy track without bumping you off the seat, will it be easy to move and carry onto a vehicle if need be. 

How many gears do you need?

Again this all depends on what you are looking to do while you are riding your mountain bike. If you need a bike for a stroll around the paths or local parks, then you will NOT need many gears.

If you are looking to take your bike through the woods, dirt tracks, wilderness and in all seasons than the more gears, there are the easier it is to adjust to what you will need.

Brake types

Brakes are always a crucial factor when it comes to a bike. You want to be able to stop at some point.

When you use your bike for leisure than a nice smooth stopping brake would be ideal as it will bring you to slow stop.

If you are using your bike for anything off-road I would suggest a sharp break, this will come in handy for any quick stops you may need to perform.

Read about bike brake types here.

Wheel sizes

A lot of people don’t consider the size of the wheels when choosing a bike; it is often overlooked.

Wheels play a big part in the mechanics of a mountain bike, and they are what keeps you moving.

The size will affect maneuvering if you’re making quick and sharp turns a thin well is best, if you are using the bike in thick mud, snow, rain than a thick wheel will give you more balance and make the bike sturdy.

Also, spikes from the tires add grip, which will help in snow and mud.


Suspensions are excellent for a bike, it will help your balance and be more comfortable with a mountain bike that has great suspension as you may encounter bumps and potholes, especially if you riding off-road.


There is a lot of accessories that are needed for a mountain bike, and these are all to be used to ensure your safety.

It is important always to have great quality accessories as your safety is critical. Some of these accessories are:

  • Helmet

This should always be work when you are riding your mountain bike. Accidents can happen, you can slip, fall, or even get pushed off the bike, meaning your head will need to be safely covered so no damages can occur to your skull.

  • LED Lights

bike led light

Lights are a great accessory to fit onto your mountain bike. These provide the view from your bike at night, making you easily seen to people and cars bringing down your chances of getting hit or pushed off. Also gives you a better sight of what is in front of you again helping start accidents which could be avoided.

  • Seats

bike seat

a lot of mountain bikes come with there recommended styles of seats, but you can always have one fitted to your preference making it more comfortable for you with the style of riding which you prefer.

  • Clothing

Bicycle clothing has come a long way, and you have choices of florescent clothes, so you are seen in the dark, padded clothes to protect you in case you come off your bike. Arm pads and knee pads which add protection to your joints in case of an accident or fall.

  • Bells

bike bell

When riding your bike you may come across people in front of you that you need to move out the way so you can safely ride past, a bell gives them a nice little ring that alerts them you are behind them and want to get past.

Conclusion and Best Offer

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to be considered in purchasing a women’s mountain bike, and they’re definitely is a lot of choices available. It is all down to an individual’s specific preference. 

In my honest opinion, I believe the Mongoose Status 2.2 Women’s 26 wheel mountain bike is an amazing bike to have.

It looks the cross between I am serious but not demanding too much attention. It is diverse and can be used in all different types of weather.

Best Offer

You can imagine going to run some errands to the shop all the way to go on an adventure through the wood’s or out in the wild riding through the mountains and dirt tracks.

You will be able to ride it for leisure and off-road giving you great stability, speed, and quick movement. It really is a bike that ticks quite a few of the boxes all around.

The Alternative 

Alternatively, the KENT 26 next women’s comfort bike is a good choice to also. It is a good looking mountain bike that has featured, making it usable on all types of terrains.

KENT 26″ Next Women’s Comfort Mountain Bike

It may not be built for speed, but it makes up for it with how well it is built.

I enjoy the fact that its main purpose is for comfort, when you are riding through the streets on out off-road it is always lovely to be able to ride with comfort while you are enjoying the scenery around, receiving the great health benefits through exercise.

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