jetson adventure electric bike review

Are e-bikes here to stay? Maybe. Nothing can beat a classic old-time bike, but there’s no denying the enjoyment of riding an e-bike. This Jetson Adventure electric bike review is a prime example of that.

Sensible and sleek, this e-bike is just one release from a handful that caught our eye. Today, we’re going to cover all things Jetson Adventure, including some pretty interesting details.

Alright, let’s hop in!

All About the Jetson Adventure Electric Mountain Bike

Jetson Adventure Electric Mountain Bike

Lightweight And Lean

It has the look and feel of a mountain bike, but don’t be easily fooled.

Looking at the Jetson Adventure, you’ll have a hard time believing that it’s an electric bike. It just doesn’t look like one: It’s too sleek, too crisp, too lean. To the inexperienced eye, there’s simply no space available to sneak a motor or a battery.

This little detail was emphasized by Jetson Electric Bikes LLC CEO Josh Sultan, who sensed that there was a need for “an electric mountain/road bike that was visually beautiful, but also offered a value,” he emphasized the lean build of the Jetson Adventure. It’s why Jetson “removed the typical ugly battery normally lodged above the rear tire from many other brands.”

Powerful And Convenient

If you study the Jetson Adventure with more scrutiny, you’ll be able to spot its hidden electric gear. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery is neatly set in the center of the front V-frame. This battery, which takes up to 6 hours to fully charge through a USB port, can power up the Jetson Adventure up to 30 miles.

The Jetson Adventure is equipped with a powerful 250 Watt hub motor, which gives you just the right amount of power. When coupled with 9 levels of pedal assist, the built-in sensors perceive the effort being put into pedaling. Based on it, the battery starts sending 9 levels of power.

You’re also supplied with a smart screen. The Jetson’s Adventure interactive LCD display allows you to see updates on battery life and track the distance traveled and current speed.

Safety And Comfort

From a comfort standpoint, you’re equipped with a shock-absorbing seat. You’re also provided with front shock suspension. This can come in handy, especially when you’re navigating rough and bumpy roads.

There’s also the position of the kickstand, which leans toward the back. It might seem an insignificant detail, but think again: How many times did you push the bike back, only to get the pedal to catch on the kickstand?

Of course, safety comes first. This Jetson e-bike doesn’t forget that. It’s why it’s supplied with front and rear disc brakes, for added stopping power. It also features bright LED headlight and taillight for heightened visibility.

Features And Specifications

  • Has 9 levels of pedal assist
  • Has 21-speed Shimano gears
  • Equipped with a powerful 250 Watt hub motor
  • Has an interactive LCD display
  • Features built-in sensors
  • Only weighs 44 lb
  • Maximum speed: 20 mph
  • Maximum range: 30 to 40 miles
  • Weight limit: 300 lb
  • Product weight: 42 lb

Pros and Cons

Like everything else, the Jetson Adventure has the good and the bad. Here are some of them.


  • Light and crisp design
  • Features 21 gears
  • Powerful 250 Watt motor
  • Easy assembly


  • The battery is not removable

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Difference Between Mid-Drive And Rear Hub Motor

When looking at e-bikes, there are two major electric motorstyles to be found: mid-drive and rear hub motors.

Mid-Drive Motor

Gear ratio is undoubtedly one thing mid-drive motors have over rear hub motors. A mid-drive motor in low gear can confidently trapeze through steep hills. Meanwhile, a rear hub motor of similar power could easily get overheated doing the same task.

Moreover, mid-drive motors are incredibly small and light. They’re usually set directly into the bike’s frame, making it hard for anyone to recognize it as an e-bike.

Mid-drive motors also allow for built-in torque sensors, which detect the rider’s effort into pedaling. This effort is translated into motor power, and it’s based on how hard you’re pedaling.

Nevertheless, mid-drive motors have their cons as well. They can wear down the drive system (more specifically, the chain) quickly.

They’re also more expensive to buy, and backup parts are by no means cheap or budget-friendly. Additionally, shifting an e-bike with a mid-drive motor isn’t easy, as the shifting needs to be done when you’re moving.

Rear Hub Motor

Between the two, rear hub motors are the most common in e-bikes. They’re placed in the center of the bike’s wheel. In addition to their affordable price range, their placement and style make them independent and low-maintenance, as they support all of their components inside the motor casing.

The good thing about hub motors is that they don’t deteriorate the chain or shifters since they don’t put added pressure on them. You’ll find that the chain, in particular, could last longer than a regular old bike just because the hub motor will be carrying most of the workload.

Another interesting detail is the backups available to hub motors. Since the pedal drive system is separated from the motor, you don’t have to rely on both parts. If one goes down, the other can still get you home.

But that doesn’t mean rear hub motors are hassle-free. They make tire-changing a lot more challenging, and they’re heavier than mid-drive motors. Now, the added rear load can balance out the weight of a bike with a front battery. However, you can imagine how disadvantageous that rear load would be with a rear battery with a bike.

Review Summary

The overall premise of the Jetson Adventure is undeniably promising:

light, simple, and straightforward. There are no gimmicks, and it’s all about meeting your needs.

Does it deliver on those promises? On some level, yes. It’s 44 lb, extremely comfortable, and armed with a 250 Watt hub motor that gets the job done.

Sure, the battery isn’t removable, and constant Bluetooth communication isn’t available. But we still have to admire its smart camouflage as a regular mountain bike and its utter convenience.

On top of that, it offers all of these features for a relatively reasonable price. What’s not to like? Not much, we’d say.

The Alternative

If you’re looking for a suitable alternative to the Jetson Adventure, then you should consider the Emojo Wildcat Pro electric bike. It’s a robust mountain bike that doesn’t trade style for convenience. At 58 lbs, it’s lightweight and but rigid, hiding a 500 Watt electric motor under its aluminum frame.

Emojo Wildcat Electric Mountain Bike

Emojo Wildcat Electric Mountain Bike

One of the Emojo Wildcat Pro’s strong points is its fat, low-pressure tires. They’re thick and durable, which helps soak up the shock of rough and bumpy roads, allowing for a smooth ride. This makes them ideal for hunting and fishing trips.

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