should cyclists use daytime running lights

We all sometimes see that there are cyclists who keep their light on even in the daytime. Did we ever think about why? There can be a lot of reasons. For instance, we forget to switch off, not bothering by it, or just like that.

However, if it’s daytime, and how did you still notice that? Anyway, there are plenty of reasons why some cyclists do not switch off their lights in the daytime.

Although the primary matter is to get a little more visibility to others, we are presenting some more reasons here. While reading this article, you will be able to understand why it’s necessary to attach bike lights and keep them always on while riding.

Let’s proceed!

Increased Visibility

As we said before, the primary purpose of riding a bike with lights is to get more visibility. Sincerely speaking, studies say that cyclists who have installed permanent lights on their bike are most likely to face fewer accidents and injuries.

On another note, the percentage of safe cyclists who have lights on their bikes is not less than 19%. Isn’t it amazing? However, this system has been going on for many years. As a result, you can see the number of cars is also increasing that has lights on it.

Not only do they have lights in them, but also they keep them always on. This is a prevalent scenario on the road. However, this is surprising that cyclists also came forward to implement this idea to improve their safety measures.

Always Ready

Especially talking about the United Kingdom, the most unpredictable thing is the weather here. Some people enjoy it, and others don’t. However, it’s cold or sunny outside; if your bike has a permanent light in it, you do not need to think about the weather forecast.

That’s the significant part of having an endless light attached to your bike. Watching out the condition of your bike light is another important matter. Although this is a much-underrated job factor, people should keep changing their bike lights often.

Because sometimes, even after having your lights on, you won’t get enough visibility because of its poor condition. For instance, there are some places where your light may need to perform well to be visible due to the densely covered area or a very long sunset.

However, if your light fails to perform its best, this is nowhere a good deal to spend dollars behind your bike lights. Therefore, always keep an eye and find when your mornings need a change.

Video: How Blinky Lights Make Cyclists Safer During Daytime

Bright Lights

Although there was a time when bike lights were not much bright enough to be visible on the road, it was always there. But just as an optional factor. However, with time bike industry has been developing its lights and achieving more success to make it brighter than ever.

Some of their designs are so eye-catching that you can see it from the very far away area. For instance, a light that holds output like 300 lumens is good enough to be visible in any area, whether it’s day or night time.

This sort of battery also has a lifetime of three hours after getting charged once. Besides, if you go ahead with your budget, you can get even 1500 lumens and some lights that bring more visibility and safety to your bike rides.

Additionally, there are various sizes and designs in bike lights. Some may cover your handlebar, and some may take a tiny place. Therefore, the choice is yours. To know more information about bikes, their brands, and some other things, you can visit bike inquire.

They’re Intelligent

Surprisingly, some bike lights have a critical development right now in the market. They have the extra brightness modes specially designed for the daytime. This way, the bike user can be more visible to others and avoid several crashes and accidents.

Not only making the rider visible but also saving power is another important job of this flash mode lights. The company says they made this technology with the brightest LED system.

And with this system, you get all the available and necessary tools that you may need to be visible all the time. Thus warning other vehicle users to get comfortable, and your existence is very clear from even far. The days of waving people or shouting to move them aside are gone by.

Affordable And Convenient

Although some bike lights can be costly for you like high-visibility gears that are made for winter. There are lights in your budgets too. If you don’t have a budget problem, you can choose whatever you want for your favorite bike.

But if you are not ready to spend more than 40 bucks for just a bike light, then there are also other options for you. Besides, there’s a bracket system that allows you to switch the lights from one bike to another. This is undoubtedly an outstanding technology for cyclists.

Also, most of the lights nowadays have the USB chargeable system, which has been fantastic working since the beginning. If you try any one of them, you won’t be disappointed for sure.

Using the Whole Year

As you all know, this is crucial to have bike lights during this busy era where roads are always busy with several types of vehicles. Especially during winter, you have to have a budget for your bike lights, and that also should be quality so that your light can go throughout the year.

Everyone won’t be happy to invest in bike lights again and again in the same year. Moreover, in the wintertime, the sun remains bright, and bike riders get it very difficult to see other vehicles on the road.

Therefore, to be correctly visible on the road, daytime lights are crucial.


As not wearing the helmet is very uncool nowadays because everyone has started appreciating this habit. We think that using bike lights all the time should be enjoyed in the same way as wearing a helmet.

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