best ebike under 1000

We would be reviewing a few of them so you can choose the best ebike under 1000 easily, by the time you finish reading this buying guide.

​In the global cycling industry, the electric bike is one of the fastest growing product categories.

As more and more riders are using e-bikes, cycling is being viewed as a viable option for daily commute/transport in addition to being a leisure activity.

There are a variety of styles available, and you can get these for as less as $1000.

Best Bikes ​eBike Under 1000 Dollars: Quick Comparison Table

Brand/ Model




​​Natko – Electric Bicycle Sporting Shimano 6 Speed Gear

  • ​Battery charge time: 4 hours
  • ​Front ​storage basket

​Cyclamatic Electric Mountain Bike Power Plus CX1

  • ​Strong front brake
  • ​Very easy to assemble

​Ecotric 20″ New Fat Tire Folding Beach/Snow Electric Bicycle

  • ​Easy control
  • ​Comfortable and ergonomic
  • ​Available in multi-colors

​Lang TU 26″ Folding Electric Bicycle Mountain Bike

  • ​Ergonomic design
  • ​Ideal for all terrains

​NAKTO 26″City Electric Assisted Bicycle

  • ​Ideal for men and women
  • ​Doesn’t need assembling
  • ​High-speed motor

​An e-bike is nothing but a bicycle that has an electric motor integrated within.

It assists you in pushing the bike forward while riding it.

A Pedelec motor is usually the most popular form of assistance in e-bikes.

These motors are fitted to the section where the pedals attach to the e-bike frame offering electrical push in sync with the amount of power/energy put in by the rider.

Though e-bikes have an electric motor system embedded, they look a lot like the traditional bicycles.

Furthermore, they are also environmentally friendly and help reduce the carbon footprint in the environment, which makes them popular amongst users.

Useful Tips For Choosing The Best Electric Bike Under 1000 Dollars

​Considering the amount of technology that goes into an electric bike, the entry-level pricing is bound to be higher than the average pricing of a traditional bicycle.

This is due to the tariff that gets imposed on e-bikes and also to the complex motor system they are equipped with.

Having said that, you will still find some of the best electric bicycles under the 1000 mark.

As there are multiple models and designs available, such as hunting electric bikes, it may seem difficult to make the right purchase.

This buyer’s guide will provide you with a few useful tips which can help you pick the best electric bicycle under 1000 dollars for yourself.

After all, it never hurts to have a little extra help when you are shopping, does it?

Electric Bikes Under 1000 Dollars: Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Natko Electric Bicycle Sporting Shimano 6 Speed Gear

​26 inches in size, this bike comes with 6 gears which makes your travel smooth and effortless.

It features a 250 W power motor with a 36 Volt battery.

You can comfortably cruise at 12 miles per hour, and on a single recharge, you can travel up to 25 miles approximately.

The battery takes a mere 4 hours to recharge.

This e-bike can carry up to 250 pounds weight.

The seat is adjustable so you can adjust it to your convenience.

It has a front storage basket that you can use to carry essentials during your trip.

The frame is made of steel and is certified by standards like CE, RoHS, EPAC, TUV, EMC, and EN15194.

NAKTO is known for providing high-quality e-bikes.

Both the e-bikes as well as the battery are covered under warranty for a year.

Also, the e-bike parts are free for consumers during the quality assurance period.

  • ​The battery charges really quickly
  • ​Looks sleek
  • ​Seems a tad over-priced for the features it offers

​​2. ​Cyclamatic Electric Mountain Bike Power Plus CX1

​Another e-bike that packs a powerful punch is the Cyclamatic Power Plus.

This is perfect for those looking for a robust companion to accompany you on your mountaineering adventures.

Extremely easy to use, it comes with a quick release battery and a quick release front wheel.

You can safely ride it in the rain.

The Shimano gears offer ease of shifting quickly.

It lets you go up to a speed of 15 miles per hour with its 36 V Lithium-Ion battery.

One charge can last you approximately up to 28 miles.

It has a padded saddle so you can comfortably sit during long rides.

Minimal assembly is required.

You can easily find common spare parts in case something needs to be replaced.

  • ​It is well built with no cheap plastic extensions
  • ​An extremely strong front brake
  • ​The gears are intuitive
  • ​Very easy to assemble
  • ​Battery change indicator is not very precise

​3. ​Ecotric 20″ New Fat Tire Beach/Snow Folding Electric Bicycle

​Do you need the ultimate electric bike that will serve you better?

This is an excellent electric bike that is driven by a 500W motor battery for longer runtime.

Secondly, the electric bike is ergonomic due to the variable speed control.

With this ebike, you can easily achieve the ideal riding speed.

In addition, the bike is strong and stable since it has strong aluminum frames.

Besides this, it is also safe as it features the front and rear disc brakes.

The large 20-inches by 4 inches flat tires are ideal for a ride on all terrains.

This elegant bike has an adjustable seat, which makes itperfect for all users.

Lastly, the bike also has comfortable handlebars for easier control.

  • ​20 x 4 inches flat tires
  • ​500W motor battery
  • ​Front and rear disk brakes
  • ​Strong aluminum frames 
  • ​​Easy control
  • ​​Comfortable and ergonomic
  • ​​Available in multi-colors
  • ​​Provides a longer runtime
  • Maybe not suitable for hilly terrains

​4. ​Lang TU 26″ Folding Electric Bicycle Mountain Bike

​The construction of the electric bike is one factor to consider, generally, even when buying a classic bicycle.

This is a strong and stable bike that has been designed using the best quality of aluminum alloy frames; hence stable.

It is able to support up to 120Kg, which makes it suitable for different users.

The bike also has the disc brakes, increasing safety during braking.

The bike uses the smart LCD meter plus accurate speed measurement for enhanced services.

Other than this, Lang TU Folding Electric Bicycle is very comfortable as you can adjust the seat to suit you better.

The 8 hours charging battery provides longer run time, which will assure you of a great ride. 

  • ​Smart LCD meter
  • ​120kg load bearing
  • ​Aluminum alloy disc brake
  • ​5-grid power display
  • ​Ergonomic design
  • ​Ideal for all terrains
  • ​Easily adjustable to different sizes
  • ​Durable and stable
  • ​Relatively costly

​​5. ​NAKTO 26″ City Electric Assisted Bicycle for Man/Woman

​​When you need the best electric bike that will assure you of a longer runtime, then you need to give this a try.

The electric bike features a 36V 10A large capacity lithium battery that makes it more reliable and convenient.

Apart from this, the bike also features the rear expansion brake and front V brakes. This makes it very safe.

Additionally, it has an adjustable seat that makes it perfect for the kids and adults.

This elegant bike has uses the 6-speed Shimano transmission system for easy selection of speeds depending on your needs.

It is one great bike that delivers just as expected. 

  • ​6-speed Shimano transmission system
  • ​10A large capacity lithium battery
  • ​Adjustable seat set
  • ​High-speed motor
  • ​Ideal for men and women
  • ​Comes in different colors
  • ​Powerful and durable bike
  • ​Doesn’t need assembling
  • ​The bike is costly

​The Variety Of Electric Bicycles Brands On The Market

There are multiple ebike brands in the market.

Each of them has its own pros and cons. Let us look at some of the popular e-bike brands below.

Nakto Electric Bikes claim to bring their bikes directly from the manufacturers to the consumers thus eliminating the middlemen in between.

They offer a series of e-bikes like mountain bikes, foldable bikes, fat tire bikes, and city bikes.

They have special bikes for men and women, and they are decently priced as they sell directly from the factory.

Rad Power Bikes have been around since 2007.

They design their e-bikes in-house and take it directly t the consumers without following a traditional distributor-retailer framework.

They have an online store where you can purchase replacement parts if required and also have a constantly available customer service team to answer your queries.

Ancheer has been around for over a decade, and they are known for offering a high quality of health and fitness products.

They have a wide network of manufacturers and distributors.

In addition to top quality e-bikes, the company also manufactures other equipment like kids scooter, paddle board, skateboard, trampoline and so on.

Some More Facts That Can Help You Pick An E-Bike

While we have covered the basic brands and e-bikes that you could consider, here are a few more factors that can help you find the best e-bike under 1000 dollars.

The Different Types Of Motors Available In E-Bikes

​Most e-bikes comprise of a motor system which consists of the drive unit, battery, a control unit, and the wiring.

The battery size, motor power, output and the assist modes of different e-bikes depend on the bike’s intended use.

Some e-bikes have the motor at their rear hubs (called hub driven motors) while some have the motor mounted on the frame between the cranks (called Pedelec motors).

Hub driven motors are also available as conversion kits; these can be easily fitted to traditional pedal-powered bicycles as an easier and cheaper alternative to buying an e-bike.

Pedelec motors are more powerful. They offer better ride quality and efficiency.

The main advantage over hub driven motors is that Pedelec motors come with a sensor.

This sensor detects how hard you are pedaling and accordingly offers you the required assistance. But yes, it does come at a cost.

​Different Types Of E-Bikes Available

​There are three basic types of electric bikes:

  • ​Pedal Assist. This type requires you to pedal in order to use the motor. It is similar to the traditional bicycle except that it has a motor which senses when you are pedaling and gives you that additional assistance to aid the pedaling effort. This type of e-bike may or may not have a throttle. There is no need for a driver’s license to drive one, and the maximum speed you can go up to is around 20 miles per hour.
  • ​Throttle Only. This ebike features a throttle controlled motor. You do not have to pedal here to activate the motor. If you want assistance, you only need to crank the throttle. You can accelerate whenever you want without having to pedal really hard. However, the lesser you pedal, the faster the battery will run out. You do not need a driver’s license to ride one, and there is no age limit for riding this one.
  • ​28 mph eBikes. Supposed to be the fastest e-bike legally. As it is still a bicycle, you do not need a driver’s license to ride the same. A helmet is a must. It may or may not have a throttle, and it can take you to a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour. It is perfect for someone who is looking at commuting daily via the e-bike. You need to be 17 or older to ride this bike.

​Different Categories Of E-Bikes Available

The easiest way to choose the best electric bike for under 1000 dollars is to approach it the way you would shop for a regular bike.

First, decide which category will suit you the most.

Here are the most common e-bicycle categories and their respective features and benefits.

  • ​Comfort / Cruiser

This category as the name suggests will suit you if you are looking for a leisure ride.

The saddle is extremely comfortable, positioned to looking around, and riding is fun.

This type of e-bike works if you want to get some exercise or run some errands.

It comes with two styles of frames – the traditional diamond shaped frame and the Step through the frame which makes it easier to get on and get off the bike, without having to lift your leg high.

This works even if the rider has a handicap.

  • ​Hybrid / Commuter

This category comprises of the speedy bikes which you can use for going on far commutes, getting some hardcore exercise and so on.

They have a long range, and they can go as fast as 28 mph.

They come equipped with space/rack for carrying essentials like groceries, laptop, extra pair of clothes shoes and so on.

Some bike models also come with a lighting system which is integrated into the electrical system which ensures that if the bike is on, the safety light is also on.

  • ​Comfort / Cruiser

​​This category comprises of sturdy e-bikes that can help you travel faster on hilly and not-so-smooth terrains.

If ascending a hill takes some effort, descending it is that much fun.

The motor and battery are normally positioned low and at the center of the bike, which offers more stability and control to the bike.

This is a bike for hardcore mountaineers, and it makes scaling the steepest of mountains a breeze, with comparatively less effort.


​​Let us look at some of the frequently asked questions which pop up when it comes to buying an e-bike.

How does insurance for e-bikes work?

​Your renter or homeowner insurance may allow you to add your e-bike to the insurance policy.

However, not all providers offer this and it is a good idea to have a separate insurance policy that specifically covers e-bikes.

Ensure that you store your e-bike in a safe place and also secure it with a good lock.

Can an e-bike be used in the rain?

​Most electric bikes are waterproofed right at the factory so you should be able to ride it in the rain.

However, just as it is with any electric item, too much water is not good for your e-bike as well.

Water can damage the motor and the battery if the bike gets submerged.

If water hits the bike at high pressure, it can enter the electric circuit and spark a short-circuit there.

Try and not over-do the riding in the rain.

How fast can I move on an e-bike?

​Most electric bikes come with an assisted speed of 18 to 28 mph.

It also depends on the configuration and the system.

If you cross the speed intended for the bike, the motor will shut off. 

Above the high speed intended for the bike, the motor will shut off.

How does the e-bike know how much power to assist me with?

​​E-bikes come equipped with speed sensors and cadence sensors.

Speed sensors work at limiting the maximum power assist for the bikes while cadence sensors inform the motor controller how hard you are pedaling.

Together the speed, cadence and torque sensors help regulate the power which is provided to the motor to assist you.

If the e-bike only has a throttle, then it will not have cadence and torque sensors.

What are gas bikes? How do they fare versus e-bikes?

Gas bikes generally are a lot more powerful than e-bikes, and they are priced lesser than the former.

However, they come with their own set of caveats – noises, smells, and messes.

They require a lot more attention and maintenance and are also not environmentally friendly.

They come with a 2-stroke or 4-stroke motor where the oil is premixed with gas.

The gas motor gives extra power while pedaling to propel the bicycle.

Electric bikes give you the option of turning off the motor and making the bike a traditional bike.

Gas bikes generally cannot be operated properly without the motor running.

What do you mean by assist modes?

They are the different modes present in the e-bike that allow the rider to control how much motor assistance you want.

How are electric bikes classified?

​You can classify e-bikes with a motor in many different ways.

Commonly, the following attributes are used for classification.

  • ​The electric motor gets activated when you pedal and/or run a throttle
  • ​The motor has limited power, usually around 750 watts
  • ​The ebike must propel even with pedaling alone
  • ​The electric bike is not registered with the DMV
  • ​The e-bike does not need a license plate, driver’s license or insurance
  • ​There is an age limit on the faster bike models
  • ​A helmet is a must for riders under 18
  • ​The motor switches off the moment the rider touches 20 mph (or 28 mph for S-Pedelec type bikes)

Conclusion & Best Offer

​We hope the information covered in the above article has helped you understand the e-bike category in detail.

Ebikes are growing in popularity as they are deemed good for your health, fitness as well as your bank balance.

Also, they are environmentally friendly!

They offer versatility and flexibility to travelers.

Electric bicycles are not as expensive as automobiles and in peak traffic conditions, work faster than an automobile as they are easy to navigate from in-between traffic packed lanes.

Electric bikes are lightweight and easily portable.

They make cycling accessible to everyone.

Traditional bikes require you to put in the pedaling effort which used to be a hindrance for people having handicaps or ailments like arthritis, prosthetics, cardiac condition, knee problems, back problems and so on.

The e-bike reduces the effort that needs to be put into riding and makes cycling easily doable for all.

In some states, e-bikes also qualify to the Bike to work tax relief scheme.

​As mentioned earlier, there are a wide variety of e-bike models available and you could pick from the above-mentioned list or go for something else which falls under the budget of 1000 dollars.

Even if there is no one winner, if we were to pick one, we would go for the Cyclamatic Electric Mountain Bike.

You can use it for your daily commute as well as hardcore mountaineering trek.

It is easy to assemble and gives you good mileage.

​Best Offer

​It looks classy and comes with a padded saddle, quality 26” Kenda Tyres, front suspension, and 21-speed Shimano gears – all of which together guarantee a comfortable ride.

​The design is a pleasure to look at, and it comes in a sleek silver finish and boasts of a mix of the contemporary and modern.

The quick release front wheel assists both transportation as well as storage.

The fully sealed battery offers protection against rain and sun.

It also features powerful disc brakes that make riding safe on all types of terrains. 

The Alternative

NAKTO 26″ City Electric Assisted Bicycle for Man/Woman

​Finally, do your homework before investing in an e-bike.

In addition to reading reviews online, you could also speak to people in your circle who already own an e-bike and try to take a test ride to see how comfortable you feel riding one.

If you are used to the traditional bicycle, the e-bike will lend you wings with its power kick. A feeling that you are guaranteed to love!

Happy Shopping and Happy Biking!

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