what size bike for a 10 year old boy

It is usual for children to ask parents (or even sometimes Santa Claus) for a bike, it is up to the parents to fulfill their dreams of getting them their bike, however, one huge question comes to our head when it’s time to buy a brand new bike: what size bike for a 10 year old boy?

What Bike Size For A 10 Year Old Boy?

Bikes come in different sizes. There are bikes for toddlers, children, teenagers, and adults as well, but the main reason that influences the size of a bicycle is not necessarily the age of the person, but instead how tall that person is; after we know this information it will be easier for us to pick the perfect bike for our kids.

It happens that, after the first years of childhood, your “little man” suddenly has the idea of wanting to explore the surroundings, alone or perhaps with his friends, because his friends already have their bikes.

Or maybe because being seen brought by parents to school by bike is no longer dignified for him!

10 years old is one of the most common age in which children want a vehicle (if it is not a bike, it might as well be a pair of roller skates). As said before, when it comes to picking a bike size for a kid, it is essential to know how tall the person is, because this information will let us know the most crucial factors in picking the bike size.

Unlike adults, whose bikes are picked according to the seat height and frame size, with children, what matters is the wheel diameter.

Why? Because this diameter will establish the proportions for the entire bike.

Frame And Wheel Sizes

bicycle framebicycle wheel

As we know, the height of a 10-year-old boy can vary a lot, so it is necessary to choose the right size carefully. Too small, and it will not be used for long. Too big, and he won’t be able to use it safely or perhaps get him afraid or scared.

Typically, children’s bikes come within a range from 12, 16, 20, or 24 inches, as 26 inches is the point where adult bike size begins.

In order to pick the right bike size according to the kid’s age, usually, there are charts in the stores, and you can look at them to be sure about what you are going to buy. 12 inches bikes are the ones that are bought for small kids, they learn how to ride a bike with these ones, while the largest and often used by adolescents are the 24 inches bikes.

So, according to the charts around the Internet, the perfect bike size for a kid around 10 years old should be between 20 inches and 24 inches (wheel size).

Another important factor regarding the bike size for your children is the inseam or the step length. The inseam represents the distance between the crotch and the ground. This information will also tell you if your child is still able to touch the floor while on the bike.

It is imperative that the kid is able to reach the floor on both sides of the bike, to avoid any accident and makes the child feel safe. So, it is a good thing to measure your kid’s inseam length in order to avoid any kind of inconvenient.

This because the height charts are not 100% trustworthy, as sometimes your child might be taller (or shorter) than the average size expressed by the statistics.

Sometimes we might believe that, in order for children to stop using the bike too soon, it is better to buy a bigger one, but it is not. The bike should fit your kid perfectly.

Since every kid is different, that is the reason why it is essential to measure the inseam or, even, test the bikes once in the store and check if the bike fits your children right.

One way to measure your kid´s inseam is by measuring the gap between the crotch and the ankles, and that is the inseam.

Another way to measure the step length is by using a measuring stick and a book. By putting the kid against the wall and placing the book between the kid´s legs vertically on the wall, you can measure the gap between the book and the floor after taking carefully from the crotch.

With this information about the step length, you will also get in the inseam chart. For example, regarding the size of the wheel diameter, the inseam that corresponds to the 20 inches bike is 55 / 63 cm, while the 24 inches bike is 60 / 72 cm.

There is another aspect, though not as important as the others, because it has no substantial effect on picking a bike size for a kid, even though it does for adults: the frame height.

Generally speaking, children´s bike has no frame height, it only should be ableto allow the children to touch the floor while on the bike.

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Overall Things To Consider When Determining What Size Bike For A 10 Year Old Boy

As said, the right size is essential, but we must not forget the weight and the cost. Even more important is the duration of the bike.

Children, as we know, can put a strain on the resistance of the materials with which the bike is made, with jumps, off-road racing, and the inevitable falls.

In essence, here are the factors to keep in mind for the best bike for your 10-year-old boy:


As we have seen, it is not difficult to determine the right size of the bike, which, with some exceptions, should be between 20″ and 24″ (wheel size).

We have just said that it is advisable to buy one that perfectly fits your kid. However, if you decide to spend a little more, you might prefer a slightly bigger bike, so the boy can continue to use it even when he grows up, maybe up to 14 or 15 years old.

In this case, the use will be limited the first year, and then, once he has become familiar, start in the following years to venture into real missions!

Price / Quality

We know that keeping spending under control is important, especially when we talk about a bicycle that will not be used for so many years.

However, as mentioned before, it is a product that will be put to the test, and for this reason, it is appropriate to allocate an adequate amount to avoid having to buy back a new bike because the first one is broken.

A good quality bicycle will last much longer than a cheap one. And once abandoned, you can always sell or give to relatives or friends who have children who can reuse it.

Finally, spending a little more on a good bike will give your child a more enjoyable experience.


Although it has not been mentioned until now, weight is a factor not to be overlooked.

A kid’s bike must be easy enough to lift and move for them so that it can be driven and controlled more easily.

Ideally, the children’s bike should not exceed 40% of its weight.


It may not be the first thought, but there are many types of bikes to choose from.

But without complicating things too much, let’s say that a mountain bike is the one that best fits the habits of a ten-year-old boy.

In the second place, you might want a road bike if he demonstrates to have a particular interest in this sporting activity.

Whatever the model, make sure it has a look that makes him proud to exhibit.


Sometimes you have to take your little cyclist on vacation with his bike, and you’ll need to transport it. If you travel with a vehicle large enough, you can load it on board. Otherwise, make sure the bike is suitable for a bike rack.

what size bike for a 10 year old


How much should I spend to buy a bike for a 10 year old child?

If equipped with disc brakes and suspension, a bicycle for a child aged 8 to 12 can also cost hundreds of dollars.

On the other hand, a very cheap bike could break very soon, or it could be difficult to drive or brake badly. So, compatibly with your budget, it is better to avoid buying a very cheap bike, it may not last long.

How many bikes should a 10-year-old boy have?

Each of us wanted to have many different bikes at 10 years. But even today, most 10-year-olds are happy with just one bike.

If you get a specialized bike, like cyclocross or a road bike, you may limit the use he can make of it.

A mountain bike is a choice that is well suited to all routes, and above all, it will like it. Alternatively, a hybrid bike could be the right choice, which will allow him to ride happily with friends at the park, at school, or on the dirt road.

What size is an adult bike?

Typically, an adult bike has wheels ranging from 26 ” to 29″, also paying attention to the size of the frame, depending on the height.


Always remember that not every kid is the same, and body sized and proportions are different. There is an average range for a 10-year-old child (20 inches and 24 inches) as measured, taking into consideration the wheel size or the inseam length (in a perfect world should match the size according to the wheel size as well).

It is always better and more trustworthy to measure the children´s inseam manually in order to get the perfect fit. And always remember that the kid should feel comfortable and satisfied with the bike, there is no sense if your child does not like it at all, and last but not least the advice of an expert at stores is still useful because they have a lot of experience on the field and this will help you a lot.

Finally, make sure the bike you are about to buy is safe and easy to drive as well as reliable, as you definitely want your child to be secure and free of mechanical breakage.

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